Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rocks on Dugong Beach

As with any beach there are many features. Those that stand out on Dugong Beach are the piles of ancient coral being ground out of the lava rock; the rock formations and colours themselves; the drift wood and silvered roots of dead trees; the sunsets; the dragonflies; and of course the peace filling gentle roll of the waves and lapping of the water.

Thought I would share a few shots of the rocks including those that have attained unusual colours with the action of salt in crevices.

Barry Smith © Ancient bleached coral between the rocks
Barry Smith © Rock crevice blued by salt
Barry Smith © Rocks with drift wood
Barry Smith © Slashed and blued rocks
Barry Smith © Full and half moon rock?
Barry Smith © Rocks - Dugong Beach at sunset
All the shots are simple naked iPhone shots. Thought I'd add one of Fiona taking yet another macro shot as the sunset colours the beach.

Barry Smith © Fiona - intrepid photographer - sunset Dugong Beach


  1. That phone is worth its weight in gold Barry. Some of those shots would make wonderful abstract paintings. I will have to be more observant when at the beach.

  2. Being a rock person I of course love all your rock images here-- so textured and layered... and your sunset pictures in your previous blog are spectacular!

  3. Great photos - looks like a fantastic beach! Love the slashed rock and am now wondering how those slashes got there...

  4. Great photos! Some would make wonderful paintings!

  5. gorgeous photos Barry, love the colors, shape, details and beauty. Thanks for sharing. Me and Fiona have macro love in common.

  6. it's amazing how different these beaches are to the ones i know in maine...and yet how alike they are. i like that!


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