Monday, May 16, 2011

Unusual images of the moon

More recently I have been using my iPhone to capture images of nature and in some instances alter them.

Tonight we have a beautiful full moon - very bright and clear. I have always been impressed by Suzi Smith's moon photos and at different times have attempted to capture the beauty of the moon in the southern hemisphere.

Tried again tonight - this time with the iPhone. And again whilst I have failed to capture the actual beauty of the moon the iPhone has given some interesting images. Couple of these are below.

Barry Smith © Full moon 
Barry Smith © Full moon - through the fronds
Of course I could do better if I: took lessons in photography; had a better camera; knew about speeds etc etc - but guess what  - those things are not likely to happen - so I will continue to appreciate the great artistic photography of others and occasionally produce some wild distorted images of my own. And talking about distorted - I took the following distorted moon shot and altered it a bit - hmm!!

Barry Smith © Distorted full moon
Barry Smith © Inverted image - full moon
Barry Smith © Distorted full moon - solarized
Barry Smith © Distorted full moon -  tri-tone
Still like playing with my iPhone apps.


  1. Wow, Barry, these are really cool images! Never mind taking lessons, you're doing fine without them!

  2. Lovely images Barry. That phone is an extension of your very creative brain.

  3. very creative..never thought to try snapping the moon with my iphone...i like the last shot...

  4. Awesome shots, thanks for sharing!!

  5. heh heh.... love them!! (thanks for the mention... again!!) I only learnt through trying... to get the moon detail need a fast shutter speed cos it's so bright... but then you lose any detail of clouds. Thank goodness for digital cameras, cos i'd have taken years & wasted so much film if that was my only option!

  6. Wow! Must get a move on and get my iPhone - you're very inspiring.

  7. SS- must say I had a chuckle about being glad cabout digital photography - it really is a saviour.

    TT, JM, L, M, C - thanks for encouragement. I think the iPhone has a quirky potential for we artist types. I was saying to Fiona that I might start doing one altered photo on one day of the week - bit like Wordless Wednesday but with iPhones and apps. What do you think? B


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