Friday, May 6, 2011

A different take on grasses

On our daily walks I have been captivated by the abundance of grasses after the long wet - so many seed heads and shapes. I also thought some of these would be good subjects for alternation with iPhone apps.

So first up a few photos of the grasses taken with naked iPhone camera.

Barry Smith © Matted grass heads
Barry Smith  Grass bounty
Barry Smith © Grass against the sky
Barry Smith © Grass heads by the stream
Barry Smith © Roots on the sand
Barry Smith © Spiky grass
And then the creative effects.

Barry Smith © Grass against the sky - altered
Barry Smith © Grass heads by stream - altered 
Barry Smith  Matted grass heads - altered
Barry Smith © Grass bounty - altered 
Barry Smith © Spiky grass - altered
Barry Smith © Roots on sand - altered
And a seaweed washed up on the beach - a sort of sea grass?

Barry Smith © Seaweed/sponge on the sand
Barry Smith © Seaweed/sponge - altered
You can see I'm still having fun with the iPhoneography. One thing I have found is that you do need to find the right effect for the light and texture of the photo - you can't just use any old thing - you have to play around trying a few different things with different saturations and gamma application.


  1. you make me want an iphone! all photos - altered or not - are really beautiful...
    any way to integrate them into your art? the fabulous interplay of technology/modern and your gorgeous ancient looking metals/natural forms?

  2. OMG!! the manipulations are GORGEOUS!! esp the sponge! i can actually see it as a piece of beautiful jewelry!!

  3. You have great eye for texture Barry, and this phone is becoming indispensable. Love the images.

  4. MD, LT, JM - I think I am a bit hooked on the iPhone camera thing now - it does take pretty good shots but the ability to use the apps with it it where the real power and creativity cuts in. With the right choices it is possible to create new dimensions and as you say L - almost gem like images. B

  5. I just got my very own i-phone this past week - and F said - 'you've gotta see what barry is up to'(well it sounded like that to me!) mmmmmmm i-phone photo apps...... sooo many to choose from so little time (and on my side - knowledge) - you look like you're having a blast with your i-phone!

  6. Love the linear elements which become texture - May have to get one of those whizz bang phones xoxoxo


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