Sunday, May 22, 2011

Creativity takes many forms??

Since being home we have been doing things around the block to reclaim it after being away on and off for the best part of two months. So part of Saturday and Sunday was given over to: pruning deadwood out of the citrus trees;  harvesting produce (oranges, limes, lemons and pumpkins); and barrowing and spreading 1.5 cubic metres of mushroom compost onto the veggie patch - to be dug in for our winter garden.

But Fiona and I were also working on organising bits and pieces that will go into her packs for the course she is running next Sunday with the Gold Coast Calligraphers group. As her blog post indicates she is introducing calligraphers to the art of working on a range of non traditional mediums.  Fiona needs at least 20 of each of the mediums to make up 20 material packs. Thought I'd share a few of the bits I worked on simply because the timber grain etc looks good.

Barry Smith © Huon Pine - end grain

Barry Smith © Fiona's HP Stash
Huon Pine (45X45mm) cut into 12mm thick blocks, finely sanded on end grain and two coats of eco timber oil.

Barry Smith © Oak - end grain 
Barry Smith © Fiona's oak and cedar stash
Barry Smith © Oak stash
Thin (5-8 mm) sheets (120X150mm) of silky oak and red cedar - long grain - again finely sanded with two coats of eco timber oil.

Barry Smith © Fiona's brass blanks
Barry Smith © Brass blanks - detail
Brass rectangles (15X75 mm) from old jardiniere - buffed and polished edges - to be stamped.

I think the participants are going to have a bit of fun - Fiona will be giving them the opportunity to experiment with about 10 techniques.


  1. Thanks so much B for all your time and effort on my behalf - much appreciated! F

  2. Barry,

    Many forms, to be sure!

    Being that my training is in horticulture, I am very interested in hearing about your garden and your growing methods.

    Leaves - the wood pieces and the brass pieces. I am also interested in knowing what draws you to uniform pieces. At any rate, I love your photos.

    Have a great one,

  3. what an absolutely WONDERFUL life you and F share :) envy to MANY i am sure ... one is going green here ...

    the wood blocks are just amazing! it's even prettier when you cut them that way where the bark is showing on just one side of the cube!! how gorgeous!! reminds me of the petrified wood raw crystals i have in my collection ... also have some smooth and rough faces.

  4. I would love to be using these fabulous elements in an experimental mode!

  5. What a team!! You two are so wonderfully supportive to each other. It's a delight to see. Lovely bits Barry.

  6. Barry that stripped wood is awesome. My husband is a knife maker and that would make one gorgeous handle. Being pine it may be too soft but it sure is beautiful. How nice to be on vacation for two months. I can't even imagine that! Life is good my friend!

  7. makes me want to mark them up--though i am NO calligrapher!

  8. I'd love to have done Fiona's class though calligraphy seems to be totally beyond me. Your photographs are beautiful; you seem to be able to make everything look so desirable. Love those brass pieces.

  9. Hi all thanks for visiting .
    BS- one of Fiona and my aims is to produce as much food as time and weather etc let us. We have 3 veggie plots but the biggest is near the house and closest to the kitchen - it is about 20sqm - so I'm turning in a lot of good organic material to improve the soil - lots of earth worms + lots of veggies. You are corrct there is a contradition in my work - very structuyred in part and yet organic forms in the leaves and meditation bowls - gues just a bit of balance happening naturally?
    LT - I agree that piece with the bark is special I have asked Fiona to hold it back to do something for us.
    LAM- we were looking at the stash for the course tonight - it provides heaps of opportunities. Fiona is going to photograph and blog on the bits and the day.
    SZQ - sorry to disappoint you but we were working in remote areas for 2 months - doing social research but hey great places to work and experience new things. IThe Huon Pine id quite dense - could make a good knife handle - was used in boats in the past. Happy to send a couple of bits if you can suss out your import laws on timber.
    V- yes the bits just invite interaction even from we non-calligraphers.
    C - the brass has turned out well - I have worked out how to get a shine on the edges that is almost liquid.

    Go well all. B

  10. oh my, these packets would make me want to take the class, if only it were not so far away!

  11. TL - Fiona's workshop particip[ants had a ball with the contents of the packs . B


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