Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Setting moon

Today we got up before the moon had set - so what a great opportunity to have photographed the full-moon last night and then captured it as it set this morning. Why rise in the darkness I hear you ask - answer so Fiona could go to circuit class at the local gym.

The photos are grainy of course as I had the iPhone's 'zoom lens' wound up to the max - though I think it does soften and distort the image in a good way.

Barry Smith © Moonset
The Moonset gave way to a soft quiet awakening of the dawn in the cloud filled valley below our house.

Barry Smith © Sunrise over Glasshouse Mountains
Barry Smith © Sunrise over Glasshouse Mountains
 Early mornings can have their own soft magic.


  1. so beautiful and peaceful. i can almost smell the thick morning dew air ... lovely!

  2. so lovely to see the moon & dawn.... we've had cloudy skies, but never mind. I particularly like that last pic x

  3. the grainy photos look like wonderful paintings.... so much beauty

  4. Love the sunrise over Glasshouse Mountains.... beautiful - the iphone images have a nice, painterly texture... I like them.

  5. LT, S, TL and V - thanks for sharing the moonset and dawn across our valley. Whilst the iPhone camera has many limitations I am enjoying how those limitations can in fact be arty. SS like you I think the last photo has a mystery and antiquity about it. Go well. B

  6. Hello.
    The calm atmosphere embraces your excellent works.

    The prayer for a great peace of mind ...

    Good Day.
    Dear hug, From Japan.

  7. R - I agree there is a serenity in some of these photos.
    V- thanks.


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