Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giveaway for Autumn

I suddenly noticed that I had passed 300 blog posts; and I want to maintain a bit of a promise to myself that I would celebrate each 100 post with a small giveaway.

What better way to celebrate the closing of Autumn (we are soon to head into winter) then to give away a little leaf litter. No precious metal - three leaves reminiscent of autumn tones made from old anodised aluminium canisters and trays.

Barry Smith © Leaf Litter
If you want to be part of giveaway just stop by and leave a comment - could be about the beauty of leaves or Autumn or whatever. On the Friday 3rd June (Australian time) I will draw a name out of a bowl and publish the recipient of the Leaf Litter.

And how stunning are the colours.

Barry Smith © Colours of Autumn
Barry Smith © Colours of Autumn 2
And I loved the fact that the moon was still visible against a cold clear morning sky.

Barry Smith © Autumn morning and moon
And the bare fingers of the Frangipani silhouetted against the evening sky.

Barry Smith © Reaching for the sky
Best of luck with the giveaway.


  1. Oh yes Please! The colours here have been spectacular, although now we have had wind and rain there are not many left.
    I had hoped to get up your way in July but unfortunately it now doesnt look as if it will happen, so all I can do is hope you choose me, but if I am the first to comment not looking good!

  2. oh gosh!! 300 posts already!! that's a lot of posts!! i'm still struggling at about 212!! LOL!! congratulations and what a beautiful giveaway :)

    that's right ... it's Autumn in the southern hemisphere isn't it? i love autumn!! my fav season of the year actually, i love to see the change of colors in autumn. and the cool air helps too :) it's such a romantic time ... the colors are romantic, the cool and drafty air make you wanna cuddle up to someone ... the whole feel of autumn is romance ... old world romance. :) *sigh*

  3. 300 posts is not to be sneezed at, congratulations! You have a deft touch with metal Barry, the leaves are just perfect. Drove up to Maleny the other day and was delighted with the autumn foliage. We don't see so much of it on the coast although, with a little luck, I might have three beautiful coloured leaves of my own.

  4. congrats on your 300 posts Barry...though as we readers we are the big winners! love seeing the color and flavor of fall in the land down under as we embark upon the summer here...and please toss my name in the hat...what a fabulous and generous giveaway!!

  5. Count me in, Barry, as another lover of the fiery season! Alas, I will have to get through summer here first before I can enjoy autumn again - but for now, seeing your Leaf Litter is just as good! How kind of you to do this giveaway. All the best to you, and hundreds more posts!

  6. Congratulations! The colours of autumn are my favorites - but I am glad it isn't autumn here yet. Those leaves (Leaf Litter) are really spectacular!

  7. You almost improve on autumn Barry, with your beautiful Leaf Litter. Congratulations on hitting the 300 mark - always worth reading and a joy to see your photos of your art and the world you live in.

  8. I am impressed with these leaves! Thanks for sharing!

  9. 300 posts is definitely something to be proud of. Congratulations! Autumn seems a long way off to me as we're just moving into spring, although yesterday was more of a summer day. Our colors are those of the earth awakening after a long, cold, snowy winter, everything vibrant with life. Interesting how spring and fall share that vibrancy. Thank you for posting the photos.

  10. Hi all - it is great to see a lot of constant friends checking out this post; and a couple of new visitors. Thanks all for the congratulations on the 300th and sharing - but to me that is what blogging is about - sharing the artistic journey mine and others - being buoyed and inspired by the work and efforts of others. All your names will be tossed in the hat. As TT says may we continue to share many hundreds more posts. Go well. B

  11. Love that photo of the frangipani tree and sky - stunning! And to celebrate 300 posts... wow. I'm not sure where I am, must go see! Something to wrap one's head around, the blue ball spinning in space, my side leaning more towards the sun now, yours leaning away, puts it all into perspective as we head into summer.

  12. Congratulations on your amazing work and the 300 postings!
    Your Leaf Litter is as precious as the sight of leaves' changing colour at the spectacular moments of autumn...
    Best wishes for many-many more.

  13. 300 posts! I'll probable never get there. Those leaves are shaped so nice. Not an easy task. Autumn in Az is one of those seasons that is hard to notice. It's still in the 100's sometimes. There is however this very slight change in the air and the light changes just a little and we all breath a sigh of relief that cooler weather is slowly finding us.

  14. Hi Barry! Autumn is my favourite month in Brisbane as it comes as such a relief from the summer heat. We mostly miss out on the joy of the turning leaves, sadly. You have to search them out to find some in most suburbs. Some anodised beauties would be a superb alternative! Congrats on 300 posts!

  15. To think I missed all 300 of them and only discovered your blog through the urgings of "paper ponderings"!!!!!

    Oh autumn! You lay down a carpet of rich colours to entice us to walk forward...we are so intoxicated by your beauty, blinded by the magic of tricked us into the dark and cold of winter! By lyn moes

  16. Hi B - Congrats on reaching 300! I'd love to be included in your Autumn giveaway cheersta!! The leaves are very beautiful. K

  17. not signing up (already been a recipient, myself, but this is so much fun. barry, you have a knack for doing just the right, fun, joyful thing.

  18. VA- the global communication thing is such a good reminder o that we experience different seasons at the one point in time.
    AM- as you indicate the metal is cheap but the reminder that Leaf Litter brings can be precious.
    SZQ - you will be amazed how the posts gradually build.
    A- when natures colours blow away the anodised substitutes a a quirky reminder.
    LM - beautiful poetry.
    K - your in.
    V- hope your leaf can make you smile in tough times - it carries positive vibes.

    Looks like we will have a good draw on Friday. Think I will need to offer some additional leaves. Go well B


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