Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earrings for an 18 year old

Fiona and I are in the main fortunate with our neighbours - we look out for each other, communicate, keep an eye on each others' property when people are absent - but we also have our personal space.

One of our elderly neighbours phoned us on Friday with a request - "would Barry have some earrings to show her that might be suitable as a gift for her granddaughter's 18 birthday?" Of course the answer was yes - but it did require the completion of a number of pairs of earrings that might be attractive to a young woman. In the end I went with the five pairs below - some are 'found earrings'; and some are 'leaf form earrings'.

©2012 Barry Smith - Found and formed earrings for an 18 year old
We visited our neighbour this afternoon and Fiona kindly lent an ear to model various earrings. In the end the pair of leaf earrings pictured below were selected. As you can see they have a good length (leaf is about 55mm), some curl action is happening in the leaf, and some silver and copper chain has been added to give a bit of movement. Hopefully the young woman will find them attractive and feel the love that her grandmother put into the request and choice.

©2012 Barry Smith - Leaf forms with chains (former life - wine goblet)
The 'found earrings' below are simple but bit dainty (found section is about 35mm long)?

©2012 Barry Smith - Found bow earrings (former life handle of a bowl)
The formed earrings below (about 50mm long) are a little more on the structured - a bit 'old' for a younger person!!
©2012 Barry Smith - Riveted silver and brass earrings (former life EPNS tray and brass stove)
It always feels good to be able to respond in a creative way to a request that is based on a personal relationship - there is a different energy to the creative act and the choice.


  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions. They are all beautiful earrings Barry. It would be difficult to choose but I'm sure the birthday girl will be thrilled with the leaf forms. I like the little note... Former life - wine goblet)

  2. A great choice, she should love them. Soon you'll have a shopful Barry.

  3. yes, there is a completely different energy - it can be a bit nail biting - the ones you offered as choices are all different and wonderful... even if she doesn't realize what went into them - they are stunning... and moreso, you gave her grandmother a chance to express something meaningfully and personally...

  4. The earrings are all lovely - I am sure the recipient of the earrings will love them.
    A bit surprised at your comment on the last pair - wondering why you would regard those as 'old' for a younger person?

  5. Wonderful compositions with beautiful designs, I like those earrings. Kisses.

  6. Wow beautiful work!!!
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela

  7. Als always They are al georgeous, I don't know why but I like the ones you said were a bit old for a young girl!!

  8. Yes, all gorgeous earrings! I find it such an honor when someone buys my work to give as a gift....I don't know exactly why it feels so extra special, but I suppose it implies a kind of trust. Beautiful work, as always and I'm sure the earrings will be a hit! Cheers, P.

  9. R, JM, MJ, S/R, L, MG, M & P - thanks for the feedback and comments; and good that you agree with GM's choice. Some people wonder about the reference to 'old' - I think to the GM -that pair looked a bit formal - not as much frivolity and joy of life that a going woman might want . I personally thought the size and silver lifted it a bit and gave them a little universal classic appeal (for recycled metal that is). R- good to know that a wine goblet just keeps giving joy? JM - not a shopfull but a bit of a stash building. MJ & P - I thought it was lovely that the GM was so involved in the choice it was part of the giving and energy process. L & MG - glad you liked the designs. Go well and create well. B

  10. Barry, each pair is quite unique. I especially like the last pair in this series. I love all of your earrings, but I agree with Robin, the young girl will be thrilled with the leaf forms. My daughter is 17 and I bet she would love the leaves.

  11. they are all unique in their own ways B. i think it's more of a choice than age. she can be young with an old soul, or an old lady who is young at heart. i dun think age limits choice ... and it shouldn't :)
    i would wear any of these!!

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