Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A rust coloured morning

The sun is rising about 6am in our part of the globe. The early morning light is just so soft and diffuse. On Tuesday morning the valley was filled with soft rusty light so I could not resist a photo of two.

Barry Smith © Rust coloured dawn (stitched but not cropped)
After returning home from my walk I noticed how the rusted bits and pieces in my stash where complementing the morning light so a few more rust coloured shots were in order I thought.

Barry Smith © Rust on a builder's sign
Barry Smith © Rust lines - big leaf
Barry Smith © Metal offcuts
In the process of cutting out the big leaf iron fillings had collected in the bottom of a large copper basin. The recent rain has resulted in rust overlaying the copper patina - what a lovely contrast.

Barry Smith © Detail - Copper patina and rust basin
Barry Smith © Copper and rust set on fragment of the big leaf
And of course a few altered shots to share.

Barry Smith © Rust coloured dawn - solarized
Barry Smith © Rust coloured dawn - inverted image
Barry Smith © Glasshouse mountains - rust coloured dawn - altered
Barry Smith © Detail - Copper patina and rust basin - altered 
Barry Smith © Rust lines - big leaf - altered
Soft rust colours are not a bad way to start the day.


  1. just beautiful - all of it...
    and that basin is stunning -

  2. oh
    i love all this rust and blue! gorgeous and wonderful photography too.

  3. Fabulous images Barry... love the bowl.

  4. Barry,

    I always love seeing the results of your keen photographic eye(s). Your home landscape is stunning!

    I'm in catch up mode here, and you are on my email list. I will contact you soon.

    All the best to you and Fiona!


  5. MJ, TL, JM & BS - thanks for checking out the altered rust photos. MJ - the rust just offers stunning opportunities the way it bleeds colour. MJ, TL & JM - that bowl is special and all by nature and artistic accident. B- I never take that view for granted - you could come over and check it out sometime. All - go well. B


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