Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Year of iPhoneography

I realised about 3-4 weeks ago that I had just about reached 12 months on my journey with iPhoneography. I thought I'd mark the first year with the production of a Blurb book that contained a selection of my altered iPhone photos.

©2012 Barry Smith - Cover of Barry's iPhoneography Blurb book
As you can see from the screen dump above, I have started the process - in fact the job is about 80% there and I hope to publish in the next couple of days.

The process has taken some time as I have done a couple of hours each day over the Easter period - there has been much gardening and 'autumn cleaning' to be done in the Dempster-Smith household so only so much time for frivolous activities like Blurbing.

©2012 Barry Smith - Screen dump of section of Barry's iPhoneography picture folder
©2012 Barry Smith - Photo of section of Barry's  iPhoneography picture folder
©2012 Barry Smith - Photo of section of Barry's  iPhoneography picture folder
One of the challenges in the process has been the selection of photos. As you can see from the screen dump and photos above, not only are there quite a number of altered shots to select from; but I wanted to think about themes; and in the end found that some of the photos I wanted to use did not quite have the resolution required to fit the Blurb template I might have wanted to use and also result in a high quality photo.

Still it has been fun to re-learn the Blurb publishing skill (I previously published a Portfolio Blurb book) - with periodic advice from my trusty IT guru (Fiona).

So a work in process - should be done in a day or two.


  1. It seems very interesting. A magnificent project. I saw your old book and loved ne. Greetings and congratulations,

  2. What a job! Now to start naming them other than jpgfile#. You've got your work cut out for you. I've got over 22,000 pics on my computer and if I ever lose it I shall be sunk!!!

  3. oh my ... that looks mighty cool B!! but whatever is Blurbing? is this gonna be in a real book? wouldn't that be amazing!!!

  4. This is a great idea, B - and not just because I'm a fan of putting anything in book form! It's always fun and instructive to go back over a body of work and try to see how certain visual or thematic connections emerge. I'm sure this will be a lovely finished product!

  5. what a vast amount of work - but so worth it as it brings favorites to your fingertips... i think i see 'our' ceiling?!

  6. L, SZQ, LT, TT/G & MJ - thanks for the encouragement. The task is finished but for a last review and edit and then onto publishing. SZQ - 22,000 - that is way a lot - but you are right about naming. I'm trying to do that more now as I transfer photos into my picture file for post use. LT - Blurb is a self publishing outfit. If you Google Blurb you will see it is possible to download their software and take a tutorial and publish - you can publish as few as 1 copy but 10 is better cost wise. Good for promoting your work. My Blurb book will be a real book. TT/G - I agree there is something about seeing the works on paper; sand it is a tangible way of looking back at achievements. MJ - you are so right it is 'our' ceiling from the Rubin. Hopefully the book will be published by Friday. Go well. B

  7. Definitely time-consuming, but well worth it. Bet you were surprised to find you had so many amazing images.

  8. Hi JM - yes they do build up over a year but mind you it doesn't mean one has lots of good shots - but we will see how it works out. B


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