Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leaf Earrings

For some time I have been creating a small stash of smaller more finely foldformed and beaten pairs of leaves to use in leaf jewellery such as earrings and pendants. The leaf forms range from about 35-40mm in length; and all are light in weight. All the leaf forms are made from recycled copper, brass, reticulated zinc on brass and silver-plated copper.

Last night I used a little spare time to go into the studio (the clean one) to put some rings and wires onto the polished and drilled leaves; and so it came to pass that I had the four pairs of simple unadorned earrings below.
©2012 Barry Smith - Silver-Copper leaf earrings - (40mm) - former life wine goblet
©2012 Barry Smith - Brass leaf earrings - (35mm) - former life jardiniere
©2012 Barry Smith - Reticulated zinc on brass leaf earrings - (35mm) - former life weed sprayer
©2012 Barry Smith - Copper leaf earrings - (40mm) - former life water tank
I did not make the wires. All the wires are stirling silver - I was not keen to go with brass or copper because of potential earlobe discolouration.Three of the pairs of the wires are antiqued hand formed stirling silver from a stock I purchased from Shannon of Misssficklemedia; and the other bright pair on the silver-copper earrings are standard commercial stirling silver wires. I think the antiqued silver and their handmade appearance work well with the fold formed leaf forms.

©2012 Barry Smith - Silver-Copper leaf earrings boxed

The Leaf Earrings are for sale through my studio; and will also eventually be for sale online when my online Gallery Shop is launched in the not too distant future -  I hope. If you are interested contact me here.


  1. quite simply lovely - and your packaging is very sophisticated and clean...

  2. so very pretty B. esp the copper pair as i spied some tears in the leaf form ... pretty pretty pretty!!! also love the photography ... looks like its taken from a pedestal in a museum collection.

  3. Stunning Barry....the earrings and the packaging!! Good luck with that online shop...can't wait to see!

  4. your earrings are wonderful, i like the ear wires you have mated them with. yea, a shop, that is a wonderful idea.

  5. I need more ears Barry! Love the silver, and the copper, and the rest. I look forward to your online shop...YAY!

  6. Cool... very. and I, too, love your packaging.

  7. MJ, L, P, TL, JM & VA - thanks heaps for the comments that indicate that I am on track with these.And also thanks for the encouragement re the on-line shop - it has been built, we have loaded some images but our IT guy had the temerity to feel tired and needing a holiday - well some people!!! The packaging has worked well for standard online supplies - it is a bit more expensive but worth it I think. MJ - glad you think they are lovely and sophisticated. L - had to laugh about the museum comment. P, TL & JM - we will get there with the online thing. JM - laughed eat the image of you with multiples sets of ears. Go well. B

  8. The leaf earrings are so very beautiful, Barry! You really know how to form a leaf. And I agree with Maire - your packaging looks very elegant.
    Congrats on having the Gallery shop almost ready... sure to be a success.

  9. Love the earrings, are they fearsomely expensive?
    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts, still feeling rather spaced out about the whole thing.
    Oh and I am just getting back to reading blogs.

  10. S/R & P - thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. S/R - I do like the simplicity of these smaller leaves and as you say the packaging does give them a lift. P - no they are not fearsomely expensive. Go well. B


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