Friday, April 13, 2012

Giving keeps creating

Given that I try to use recycled material and objects in my work when and wherever I can,  I am ever appreciative of the fact that family, friends, fellow artists, acquaintances and even strangers are on the look out for materials for me and give me stuff.

©2012 Barry Smith - Centre of Sam's large brass tray
©2012 Barry Smith - Stainless steel tray in letter box from mystery giver
I was going to post on a few larger and more complex leaf bowls that I worked on today; but the sight of a stainless steel tray sticking out of our roadside letter box not only made Fiona and I smile but also prompted me to show a just a few of the bits that have come my way over the last few weeks.

©2012 Barry Smith - Sheets of copper shim from Noela - to become Bazola?
©2012 Barry Smith - Goblets from Jo (posted on these a few weeks ago)
©2012 Barry Smith - Large (6-700mm diameter) and small brass trays from Sam
©2012 Barry Smith - Heavy steel work bench from Carolyn
©2012 Barry Smith - Larger copper laundry boiler-tubs from Edith-Ann and Carol
©2012 Barry Smith - Sam's champagne goblets - still in original wrapping after 25 years
©2012 Barry Smith -  A box of small brass jardinières from my brother Neil
And you can see from the photo below that it doesn't take me long to chop pieces up and use them in work - after cutting the folded edge off the copper plate it was annealed, flattened and began the journey to become a leaf bowl.

©2012 Barry Smith - Copper plate from Jo gets the chop
So a big thanks to all those folk and the others who give me stuff - thanks for the stuff but also thanks for enabling me to recycle. And don't you just love the patina that is on the inside of one of the copper washing boiler-tubs.
©2012 Barry Smith - Copper patina in laundry boiler-tub


  1. amazing textures!!!!
    love the mail box and last texture in turquoise, these pictures inspiring me a lot!!!
    thanks and happy weekend,

  2. it makes your work so very meaningful... you have the intention to recycle... others are thinking of you and desiring to help you meet that goal... like ripples, yes? in the pond of loving-kindness for the each other and the earth... you've got something very special going on... but we knew that!
    and i feel in love with the steel workbench and laundry tubs immediately...

  3. Love that you have some "mystery givers", and what a boatload of great materials. Enjoy!!

    I wish it were possible with painting...I can spend hundreds of dollars on paper and paint and go through it in a week - well, the paper anyway. The tubes of paint last a bit, depending on the size :(

  4. My eyes are fixed firmly on your letter box. Yet another amazing Barry Smith creation!

  5. I can see you have a lot of stuff to play with... but I'll bet there's always room for more. Great to see all this find a new life.

  6. What a wonderful stuff to work with and they al have a story to tell, it's just a mystery what it is.

  7. wow Barry..lots of cool supplies though i must admit your mailbox is outstanding!

  8. It is amazing and wonderful that so many people wish to contribute to your art - bravo!
    And your letter box - wow. just wow.

  9. goodness me! wow! this is just so amazing. friends and family alike (AND strangers) come bearing treasures and some still in wrappers!! you know, if it was me, i wouldn't be able to cut up some of the things there. but then again, your work involves giving new life to the unwanted ... and that is a great thing B, a great thing ...

  10. E, MJ, VA, R, JM, M, L, S/R & LT - it is good to have fellow artists and collectors who appreciate the various dimensions of the giving and sharing of stuff. E, R, L& S/R - had to laugh about the mail/letter bad comments - yes it it is home made - the post and horizontal timbers and threaded metal were all recycled leftovers from the building of our house - chunky and going nowhere!!! E - your recent post indicates a sharing of the love of rust and the turquoise patina. MJ - you are right about the virtuous circle that is created. I'm thinking the steel bench might become part of a forge; and Fiona has her eyes firmly on the patina parts of the tubs for her copper books - hm!!! VA - I think I have struck it lucky with my medium. JM - and what we can't use we can regift so it does not go to waste. M- makes me wonder who the mystery person was!! L7S/R - yes a lot of generosity and cool stuff - looks like I best get into production? LT - yes at times it does seem a shame to cut the objects up but to be honest a lot just sit in people's storage and are not used and are eventually thrown into the rubbish - they do get a new life from me. Go well, share well and create well. B


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