Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work in progress - light catcher

OK - so recently it has been leaves, leaves, more leaves and leaf bowls. For sometime I have been looking longingly at my stash of brass and rusty bits that I tend to keep aside for light-cathcher assemblages. Well I have given myself permission to create a small light-catcher I have had the bits set aside for. The photo below shows a very dirty crystal in a dirty but beautiful perforated  brass ring.

©2012 Barry Smith - Encircled crystal
And the photos below are of the piece bolted together but yet to have the finishing touches. The crystal and perforated ring swing.

©2012 Barry Smith - Light- catcher - Swing lightly??
©2012 Barry Smith - Detail of perforated brass ring
©2012 Barry Smith -  Ring, crystal and cogs.
This light-cather doesn't have a name yet - but that will come to me.

It is pretty amazing the bits that have come together in this one small piece: cogs courtesy of Kim; a door knob purchased in Bangalow; a fluted brass tube from an old soldering pressure lamp; a brass rod from a pump; recycled bolts to hold it together - internal threading done by me; perforated ring from ???; silver hangers from an old tray; a temple door brass nut; and a crystal from Christine's mum's chandelier. A lot of bits are given a new life.

In the next little while all will be polished and be ready to reflect and refract light.


  1. oh Barry, i do love your light catchers so! every time you post them it's treat for me :) such a simple piece but when you put the materials in words ... WOW!! it becomes so layered. i love your cogs .. always wondered where they came from. 'Course i can't really use them in a jewelry piece!! probably have to go to a chiropractor after wearing it, but still curious where they came from. they are beautiful!!

  2. Just shows you that all those scraps we hold onto are just masterpieces in waiting. I like the way the crystal mimics the gears with it's design. Very creative!

  3. how absolutely lovely -
    you are like that crystal - you create and channel light and beauty - and spread it far and near...
    thank you -

  4. Oh my - this light catcher has to be my favourite so far! Love the ribbed brass tube and the cogs and the crystal looks wonderful in that perforated piece...
    And those bowls - they are taking on a life of their own. Absolutely fantastic work, Barry!

  5. Looks familiar...great stuff....especially the crystals!

  6. Wonderful piece - love how it came together with such finesse. I love names, too, how that might add either clarity or mystery or both! Looking forward to hearing what it is.

  7. Lamplight? Makes me think of London for some reason. You're a dab hand with all those 'bit' Barry.

  8. L, SZQ, MJ, S/R, C, VA & JM - Thanks folks for your feedback. I think I will be doing a series of smaller light fathers - they are a bit more personal. I have a couple of series planned : portals and time. L - it was only as I finished that I realised how many past lives had contributed to this piece; and the cogs are beautiful - brass - bit unusual - not sure what their former life was. SZQ - I was not aware of the cog-crystal likeness - thanks for pointing that out. MJ - I think you are being a bit kind there but thanks. S/R funny how pieces speak to us - glad you like this; and the perforated circle and crystal are just so right for each other. C - thanks - your mum's crystals will continue to give joy. VA - I'm still searching for the names - but I think it has to reflect the crystal and perforated circle. JM - agree it looks lamppost like. Go well all and enjoy the light and laughter of life. B


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