Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trilogy of leaf form bowls

I did manage to get a few short sessions in the studio-garage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; and therefore managed to finish the three leaf form bowls I had planned to do. I wanted to create another three of the multi leaf form bowls as a gallery manager thought these bowls would sell as a gallery line and would want 5-6 to create a presence. You can see them in the rough sitting on the wet rusting-curing big leaf.

©2012 Barry Smith - Trilogy of leaf bowls in the rough
The bowls were all made out of stuff that people have given me: a copper plate from Jo, a EPNS tray from Jo and a shallow copper fruit bowl from Edith-Ann and Carol. All the bowls are a little bigger than earlier bowls - they are about 160mm in diameter and about 60mm high. I beat an addition hollow depression in the EPNS bowl. As usual the EPNS was the hardest to fold form because of the being nickel-silver.

©2012 Barry Smith - Copper eight leaf bowl - former life 250mm copper plate
©2012 Barry Smith - Silver-plated EPNS eight leaf bowl - former life drink tray
©2012 Barry Smith - Copper twelve leaf bowl - former life 230mm fruit bowl
The 8 and 12 leaf bowls are quite time consuming and at times tricky to create because: the metal needs to be pretty flat so recycled bowls, tray and plates usually need to be annealed and beaten flat; the leaf points and lengths need to be measured reasonably accurate; shapes need to be cut; for each fold there is a folding, beating, annealing and opening; and of course there is the sanding of sharp edges and polishing. But I think the effort is worth it. I think my favourite is the 8 leaf bowl - enough interest without being too cluttered - and it reminds me of a lotus flower - so maybe it could be called a lotus bowl rather than a leaf bowl?

©2012 Barry Smith - Raindrops on spider's web
Thought I'd add the photo of the spider's web for fun. We have had a lot of drizzling rain over the weekend so all the cobwebs are holding little water gems. This web was outside the shed and I noticed it when I went to polish the bowls.


  1. The bowls are exquisite and I agree with your favourite. There's something 'molecular' about that photo.

  2. well done, these are so beautiful!!!

  3. JM & E - thanks for your positive comments; and glad you like the finished products. B

  4. Beautiful pictures, I like the pick up and reflect light metal foils such beautiful, amazing.

  5. These are truly special B - I think they are so original and such a fusion of your folding, beating and leaves - pure magic!

  6. as a fellow fold former i am always in awe of your abilities employing the technique... it seems to suit you so very well- do you ever wonder how you might have evolved differently had you not known about it? i agree about the 8 pointed bowl being a bit more floral and had to smile - one makes leaves, but things can shift internally and while working the metal petals can make themselves known... i know people on my blog will often keep referring to my petals as leaves - but for me, they have a different feel...
    beautiful gallery work - and with a group of 5 or 6 a definite impact will be made upon the viewer...
    absolutely lovely image of the water adorned web...

  7. They look good displayed on the rusted leaf background. Loving the darker patina on the bowls.

  8. I like them all in conversation as they are above, and on that beautiful, rusting surface. The 8 leaf bowl feels a bit gentler in some way, love the colors...

  9. You better find more than 3 days to work on these... I'm sure the gallery will be requesting more real soon. They are all so beautiful!

  10. L, F, MJ, R, VA & SZQ - lovers of leaves, petals, patina and rust - may we unite!!! Thanks all for the vote of confidence in the leaf (hmm!! petal?) bowls. L- the polished bowls pick up the sunlight well. F- it has struck me that this form of fold forming is original - thanks. MJ - you are right learning the fold forming techniques took me from trial and error to a more predictable technical level and the confidence to experiment. It is funny about leaves versus petal. When I saw your stamped petals I saw leaves initially but then I saw the softer curves and I saw petals. R- what can I say to a lover of rust and patina other than I totally agree. VA - the 8 leaves do emerge softer as they are not as cramped in the cutting and beating process. SZQ - you have more confidence in the sale of these bowls than I have in the this current market but we will see. Three of the leaf bowls are off to Goondiwindi on Wednesday to get an outing at a regional art show. All- go well and be happy. B

  11. Love the bowls, B, and the earrings a few posts back! But that photo of the web really blew my mind! I wonder if we won't be seeing its influence in some future works? Unless I just haven't caught up yet to your posting about it! Cheers!


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