Friday, April 6, 2012

Playing with small leaf bowls

Yesterday and today (Friday of course) I got into the studio-garage for a few hours. In the past I have made a couple of larger and more complicated leaf bowls.

I wanted to experiment a little more with smaller bowls with fewer leaves to see what they would look like; and to consolidate the different technique required for upturned and downturned leaves on the bowls. In all I made six small bowls including the small (100mm) upturned 3 leaf bowl below.

©2012 Barry Smith - Small 3 copper leaf bowl with brass transfer 
Of the six three were 3 leaf bowls - two upturned and one downturned 3 leaf bowl.

©2012 Barry Smith -Three small  3 Leaf copper and brass bowls - in the raw 
There were three 4 leaf bowls one upturned, two down turned - but you can see for one of the downturned leaf bowls I have developed another form - a softer curling leaf form on a deeper punched bowl. The bigger 4 leaf bowls are about 120mm across.

©2012 Barry Smith -Three small  4 leaf brass bowls 
And I did give all six bowls a sand and polish.

©2012 Barry Smith -Three small  3 leaf copper and brass bowls - polished  
©2012 Barry Smith - Small  4 leaf brass bowl  
©2012 Barry Smith - Small 4 leaf brass bowl  - soft leaf form
I have come to the conclusion that the larger bowls with 8-12 leaves are more artistic pieces; whereas the 3 and 4 leaf bowls tend to be a little more functional - could be used for holding small precious objects (e.g. jewellery) or used as incense burners or small offering bowls.

All the bowls are made from recycled brass and copper.

Today is also Good Friday in the Christian calendar - so for those who celebrate Easter I hope it is a fulfilling spiritual and peace filled time; and for those who don't I hope you have a safe, relaxed and peace filled holiday period


  1. you must feel a deep sense of satisfaction from these...
    in your work i am always so enamored by the way you can appreciate the skill of the maker, the beauty of the made and the ability of the piece to transcend place and time...
    these could be ancient, medieval or modern (i know the technique is a new one, but you know what i mean)... in your photographs they catch reflections of the sky and could easily hold water to further act as reflecting bowls...
    your work has such spiritual depth - your connection to nature evident and reverent...

  2. I love these forms and patinas and especially like seeing them on the cracked and weathered wood. The 4 leaf brass bowls remind me of lots of things... turtles and pods and all kinds of curling, transforming plant matter - cool.

  3. Barry, you are a powerhouse!!! The bowls are so beautiful and you are so productive. I like the fact that the larger bowls with more leaves are more like a sculptural object, but the small bowls, still so beautiful and artistic...are quite suitable for holding just so many things! Wonderful!

  4. Definitely moving forward Barry.... your work is becoming more complex... and beautiful.

  5. Hello, Barry.

      Your heartwarming work provokes my impression.
      The passion for the art.  It is universal.

      Thank you visit to the garden of the cherry blossoms.
      The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❀

  6. I agree with Maire - the bowls definitely have a spiritual character and I really see them as offering bowls. I also find them very poetic. It is always such a delight to see what you have been working on.

  7. Maire's comment hits the nail on the head. I've always sensed the spiritual aspect in your art and your bond with nature. Each piece encompasses these qualities which add to the overall impression of your work. Your smaller bowls are just as artistic as the larger in my eyes. I'm loving the natural weathered look in the first few photos just as much as the more polished appearance in the others.

  8. Of course these are beautiful, but I love the 8-12 leaf bowl - it really is stunning. You always have to have different price points. Are you selling the 8-12 leaf ones? I'm interested.

  9. these are certainly treasures. totally agree with Maire and Renate, these would be great as offering bowls. incense bowls definitely and maybe filled with raw crystals at the altar. you make the most elegant spiritual stuff B!

  10. I love the muted soft patinas of your leaf bowls.

  11. MJ, VA, P, JM, S/R, R, R, SZQ & L - as a maker of stuff it always gives me a real hit when people I admire such as yourselves totally get what I had tried to achieve. Comments about the look of age, the look of the sacred and spiritual, of offerings or being filled with incense, water, precious things including raw crystals are all the things I have attempted to imbed in and communicate with these bowls. As yet I have not got around to thinking about how I would sell the leaf bowls. I have been approached by a gallery to sell the more complex ones as a 'gallery line'. I think the smaller ones will definitely become studio and online items as I would like to think of people having them and using them as part of their daily lives. This will become clear in the not too distant future - Fiona and I have used the Eater period to have a talk about where our art might be headed. All- thanks so much for your comments and support. Go well and be well. B

  12. Hi Barry
    Just discovered your looks amazing and I will be back to enjoy your wonderful work
    These bowls are just wonderful, I expect they are so good to touch:)

  13. S-glad you have discovered the blog and thanks for commenting. Hope that you will visit again. Go well. B

  14. ~b...well i am wandering through trying to get myself caught up with the day in the life of my dear friend the mastermind magical metal weaver...april seems to have kept you filled with inspiration in many aspects...the trilogy leaf bowl set and your spiderweb shot really are is exciting to see your photography evolving! i wonder what may, june and july have brought to do more well and my love light and blessings to fiona and you...b~


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