Friday, April 27, 2012

Time flies on Friday

Fiona and I started the day thinking that we did not have many commitments in our diary; and therefore most of the day would be dedicated to art - it was not to be. The morning was given over to doing paperwork for a community organisation; and then after lunch it all went a little pear shaped as they say in the classics.

In the afternoon I planned to plant some winter veggie seedlings, cover the new bunch of bananas in their protective 'sock' and then get into art - after all it is Friday. Well I got the first two done and then we got a call from Fiona's folks that there were some good books and metal to be had 'for a price' at their local church where they were sorting for a 'garage sale' tomorrow. Some hours later we returned home with some book and metal booty after helping to sort, box and label books for the book sale part of the 'garage sale'.

But I did manage to take a few shots of some bits and pieces we had 'installed' on the block as interesting things to discover as one walks around. These included the rusted peace symbol SooZeQue had generously cut and sent to me; the cutting section of a post hole augur that had gone past its useful date; and a small assemblage I put together out of stuff as I was cleaning up yesterday.

©2012 Barry Smith - SooZeQue's Rusted peace symbol on a blue stone rock wall
©2012 Barry Smith - SooZeQue's Rusted peace symbol on a blue stone rock wall
©2012 Barry Smith - Whirligig assemblage 
©2012 Barry Smith - Top of whirligig assemblage 
©2012 Barry Smith - Post hole augur crown atop old power pole
But I must admit I did get a little time to do the rough cutting, drilling, riveting and assembling of a clock I have had in my mind for a little while.

©2012 Barry Smith - Folded rusted metal clock
©2012 Barry Smith - Folded rusted metal clock
As you can see it is pretty rough and I did learn a few lessons on the speedy way through - buying a better mechanism for a start. Does it work? I don't know. I will install a battery and check that out tomorrow. Now it is time to head off for a glass of red and a little dinner.


  1. At last, the clock! This one is much nicer than the one at that Handmade in Vermont shop. I hope it works, but even if it doesn't, a lovely piece - and sounds like a rather productive Friday after all - I only hope mine is half as much! Wine for you, coffee for me...

  2. For someone with little spare time you sure use it well.

  3. hey B!! that's a wonderful idea!! putting little feature artwork round the garden to be discovered :) if i ever have a house next time, i shall steal this idea :) how delightful to turn a corner and find a hidden piece of art. i really l like that clock. does it not work?

  4. so excellent!
    you know what is so fascinating about you and your brain? the fact that no matter what you do, you do it well and it seems like a natural fit... this clock is a perfect example... looks like you have made oodles of them...
    and yet, you haven't to my knowledge...
    love the installments on the block...

  5. Hey I recognize that Peace Sign - a bit more rusty. Great Idea! You're always thinking of fun/unique things to do with all the scrap. Sometimes I think of so many things to do I get absolutely nothing done - it's crazy.

  6. A very productive day, as always. What a lovely balaced life you two are leading. xoxoxo

  7. Not only do you use scraps of metal, but scraps of time in between all else you do, to make gorgeous bits. The clock work is going to be exciting - love the beginnings and see see enormous scope for this line of thinking.

  8. Love the whirligig - and those plants surrounding it. The peace sign on the wall is a great idea. Hmmm, you are inspiring me - I must put more stuff in the garden...
    Wishing you and Fiona a wonderful weekend.

  9. Walking around your property must be quite an inspiring experience. Art around every corner .... not to mention the view. Love the clock!

  10. TT/G, JM, L, MJ, SZQ, N, S & S/R - good to see the rust lovers and collectors enjoyed the bits on the block and the rusted clock. TT - you are correct - inspiration from Vermont and creation on the mountain. JM - busy mind and hands find bits of time don't they? L - I wish a garden for you to put bits in. MJ - this is my first clock - but now that I know a bit more about the mechanisms etc there could be more - have to use my scraps of steel somehow. SZQ - from your blog I know that your place is also populated by your bits and pieces - kindred spirits? N- guess we are all striving for a bit of balance. S - all the scraps are precious - time and materials and they find each other in funny creations. S/R - photos of your garden indicate it has bits and pieces but a few more never hurt!! Go well all. B


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