Friday, April 20, 2012

Fungi, flowers friends and info on Friday

The day has been full and fruitful. The morning was clear and crisp and even though we are heading closer to winter the flowers and fungi seem confused. The Strelitzia below was one of a bursting clump.

©2012 Barry Smith - Strelitza
And the tiny (25mm) fragile almost see-through fungi populated a side lawn.

©2012 Barry Smith - Tiny fragile fungi
©2012 Barry Smith - Almost like crystal
And the fungi below had found a nice home on small logs under a tree.

©2012 Barry Smith - Fungi bowls
I attended a 4 hour information session on public art and grants available for different categories of public art - this is of great interest to us at our neighbourhood centre and to our art4place group.

We got our power pole replaced on our block today as the old one was in danger of crashing down - so there was clean up after the tradespeople to do; cut the old pole up - some beautiful fungi on that; and collect the lemons from the have of the lemon tree they had demolished in the process of installing the new pole.

But then I got a bit of time to create a pair of earrings for the grandchild of one of our elderly neighbours - but more on that on a later day. We are now off to have a red wine and a pumpkin and blue cheese risotto and maybe watch the rugby union football -  not a bad way to end the day.


  1. My parents now live in Florida, and have an amazing collection of Strelitzia, such amazing forms! And the see-through fungi, cool. Pumpkin & blue cheese risotto sounds delicious, but up here, I'm getting ready for breakfast. Bon Apetit!

  2. sounds like a great time Barry! I was surprised to see such a burst of color on your post. ...magnificent bird of paradise!

  3. This year is a particularly good year for strelitzia. They are just bursting out in bloom everywhere. I love the way the damp weather brings out all the interesting funghi too - but not in the wardrobe!

  4. oh that risotto sounds wonderful!

    your fungi are gorgeous and precious!

    congrats on your new power.... pole. but why not be more careful of the lemon tree ;-(

  5. You have a different name for what looks like bird of paradise I grew up with in Hawaii.. perhaps they are different but the colors certainly look the same.. such a stark difference from the more browns of fungi.

  6. VA, L, JM, TL & D - thanks for celebrated the early morning colour and the risotto with me. VA - always hard to get one's head around - our days are at opposite ends most times when we are posting or commenting. L&D - yes bird of paradise is often a commonly used name over here as well. JM - - fungi in the wardrobe would be just so bad - but we are having some beautiful days at the moment. TL - what can I say - some tradespeople are just not as careful as we owners are. All - go well in the week ahead. B

  7. The more pics I see of down under the more I realize that AZ & Australia have a lot in common. Those birds of paradise are everywhere here - perhaps the only difference is the accent! :)

  8. SZQ - I might just have to come over and check that; and of course we could do something to change the accent? Go well. B


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