Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beauty on the inside

The title to this post might suggest something noble such as meditation or spirituality - yet it is simply referring to the fact that the mechanics and materials in broken and discarded watches are such amazing pieces of mechanical design and creation. They look beautiful after a good clean and polish.

As part of the Steampunk influenced body of jewellery I'm making for the December sale at Jo St Baker's studio gallery in Redcliffe will include quite a number of pendants and earrings that will use watch and clock parts.

©2015 Barry Smith - Watch body earrings - these are about 1.5cm in diameter
Some of the whole bodies of the bigger watches can become pendants - the largest is about 4cm.

©2015 Barry Smith - Watch body pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - The beauty of brass, garnets and gears (about 4cm on diameter)
©2015 Barry Smith - Unusual oval; shaped body - about 2.5-3cm long
Whereas the bodies and faces of some of the smaller watches are so small that they easily lend themselves to becoming earrings. The smallest rectangular watch bodies are only 2cm long, 1cm wide and about .3-.4cm thick.

©2015 Barry Smith - Watch body earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Worn time
I know some folk will like to be able to show the mechanics of the watches with all the shiny brass, stainless steel, garnet jewels and gears; whilst others will show the aged and worn faces - a sign that time has gone by. The solid silver ears-wires can easily be turned around to all either car. And of course with the pendants one just has to turn the piece over - fully reversible pendants.

I have added brass hanging wires into the silver plated handles of small trays - I will pour resin into these and add inclusions such as a single watch gear - they will become pendants.

©2015 Barry Smith - Recycled silver plated tray handles destined to become resin pendants.
The work on this stash is about half way there. I have another week or so before I need to deliver the work. There is always the creation of the sales list and final polishing at the end.


  1. Lovely to see what you are working on. Watch works are fascinating, aren't they? BTW, I think the jewels in the watches are actually rubies... all the best for you and Fiona. xo Renate

  2. How I do love watch workings, and even more so when I see how you give them new life, B!

  3. Hi R & C - thanks for you comments; and great to know there are others who appreciated the discarded workings of watches. R - I thought they are rubies but did not want to over claim given that rubies are supposed to be more valuable - obviously small ones were plentiful. Have passed on wishes to Fiona. By the way we miss the cat posts. C - I have had all maker of fun with the watch bits - will do a better post on Friday. Peace. B


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