Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bowls with a difference

My collection of bits for the Steampunk Christmas at Jo St Baker's studio+gallery will include some of my bowls. I have been reworking some earlier fold formed bowls and creating some new Steampunk influenced bowls.

©2015 Barry Smith - Cupped and polished clock cogs ready for riveting into the bowls
The common design element is the recycled brass and copper metal; and where relevant adding clock parts. As you can see the  three bowls share similar design features but include unique bits and embellishments.

©2015 Barry Smith - Three Steampunk influenced bowls - the single hand of time is on 5 minutes to midnight 
©2015 Barry Smith - Back of the three Steampunk influenced bowls
©2015 Barry Smith - SP Bowl 1
©2015 Barry Smith - SP bowl 2
©2015 Barry Smith - SP bowl 3
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of SP bowl 3
The Leaf incense bowls have polished up well.

©2015 Barry Smith - Leaf form incense bowls
And the other three foldformed Giving bowls also make there own statements.

©2015 Barry Smith - Brass foldformed Giving bowls 
I will add a few more bowls out of my gallery shop to these bowls making the total 12. Fiona and I did make the decisions on the pendants and earrings as indicated in Friday's post. The final result could be shared another day.


  1. Love these!! So beautiful! Best to you and Fiona, Barry! -- Patti

  2. What creative ways to incorporate watch and clock parts into your bowls.. and I see in your previous post that you have made the parts into jewelry. I did buy a watch and necklace this past summer at an art fair... and if is so wonderful to see out different artists use the same sort of metal parts in such different creative ways

  3. You have been busy. Your bowls look great.

  4. Love the way your imagination is followed up in such interesting ways. Great steam punk!

  5. Hi P, JM, D, P & C - your visit and comments are most appreciated, Hi P - also thanks for your wishes - hope all goes well in your art and by the river. JM - in the end the whole package of stuff that went to Redcliffe was a wow moment. D - Goo to know that there are moony of us who scavenge and recycle - and good for us to have folk like yourself who appreciate and buy the end product. P - you know me - always on the go. C - I now realise that I'm probably not really mainstream Steampunk - more influenced by the genre - still whatever it is I enjoy the variety. All - go well. B


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