Sunday, November 29, 2015

Something old, something new and a giveaway

I have been working flat out over the weekend making stock for Maleny Additions after I was informed they were running out of ladles; and would also like something new in the leaf line to add to stock for December.

And I'm having a small giveaway to celebrate the fact that I have passed 1000 posts - see the bottom of this post.

But first the ladles. Beautiful handles and bowl forms - a new shape for ladles - quite a conical bowl for some.

©2015 Barry Smith - Ladle handles - formed, drilled and polished
©2015 Barry Smith - Ladle bowls hammered and polished
In the end I had 14 ladles - a couple with a small flaw.

©2015 Barry Smith - Handles attached with copper and brass rivets
I got Fiona to help with the selection of seven to go to Maleny Additions - tagged with Fiona's calligraphic tags - lucky me.

©2015 Barry Smith - The chosen ones - tagged and ready to go to Maleny Additions tomorrow
Six of the remaining seven will go into the studio-gallery for the open studio event on Friday and Saturday (4&5 Dec). And one will go into our cutlery draw - the one at the extreme right-top.

©2015 Barry Smith - Destined for our studio-gallery shop
I also made 9 Leaf Pate Knives - Fiona selected 7 - and they were tagged.

©2015 Barry Smith - Leaf form Pate knives - variation of the Leafspoon design
©2015 Barry Smith - Seven Pate knives tagged and one lonely Leaf Letteropener
I made a start on some Leafspoons but did not finish them - something for later this week.

©2015 Barry Smith
And about the giveaway - I will post one of the small peace doves that have hung on our 'peace' at the front of the block but have fluttered to earth to three folk who leave a comment on this blog.

I will draw the name of the 'winner' out of the Tibetan singing bowl next Sunday; and post the names on the post next Sunday.

©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of peace messengers - naturally patinated copper
Well that wraps up a busy weekend.


  1. Gosh, Barry, everyone will want one of those sweet peace birds, won't they? I always love your ladles and these are no exception, they're really beautiful. As are the leaf knives. Congratulations on 1000 posts, what an achievement that is. Go well...

  2. You have been busy, no wonder you have to make more, they would be a joy to own and use. Love those peace birds. Congratulations on your 1000th post.

  3. Hi C & P - thank you for your ongoing support and comments - both in terms of the 1000 post milestone but on my work more generally. Some ladles may even make it into the online shop when I get the time to up load photos etc etc. Go well. B

  4. Beautiful metal work, Barry. Nicely done.

  5. Congratulations on your 1000th post! That's quite a milestone. I'm hoping you've decided to go for another 1000.

    What a busy time you're having with filling orders and readying for the open studio. Wishing you and Fiona great success next weekend. Enjoy!

  6. your latest creations are lovely they are sure to sell quickly! and one of your peace birds would be a great piece to add to my peace sign which doesn't seem to be getting thru to the world these days! I always enjoy your posts!

  7. Congratulations Barry on making it to 1000 posts! Maybe I'll recover my own blogging mojo in the new year, but I'm waiting till I feel the joy again. How beautiful the copper doves are! A perfect and most generous giveaway.

  8. WOW, 1000 posts! Congrats Barry, that's quite a milestone!
    Your new ladles and the leaf pate knives look fantastic and I love the beautiful peace doves.

    Gaby xox

  9. Forging, Folding, twisting and turning. The hard into light, the stillness into flight.
    Lovely work Barry.

  10. You are turning into a full-on business Barry. I'm delighted that I purchased a couple of your very first bowls....years ago. Love the ladles and pate knives. Your peace birds have a gorgeous patina... would look great on the Xmas tree.

  11. i hope you have an enjoyable open studio - am sure they can be rather grueling, but still, to know people have come specifically to see yours and fiona's work must be so meaningful. i have missed so much! the ceremonial knives are moving. i very much like your housewares - and especially those ladles. what beautiful second lives you give to the metals you reuse.

  12. The peace doves are a thoughtful reminder around Christmas time of the families affected by war, by violence, by ill health, or any other trauma... Love you work Barry. Diane


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