Friday, November 27, 2015

Ceremonial Knives with a Steampunk influence

©2015 Barry Smith - Ceremonial Steampunk influenced dagger
I was asked to make some ceremonial knives for the Steampunk Christmas exhibition-sale in Redcliffe. With a bit of a rush I managed to do a new design and create 3 Ceremonial Knives - ceremony in terms of cutting wedding or birthday cakes etc.

The basic knife forms were made using new copper and brass sheet, recycled wood and silver-plated offcuts from trays - all cut, glued and riveted together. The knives are about 25cm long, 2.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick.

©2015 Barry Smith - Unadorned and unground knife forms
Watch parts were selected and cut and polished to fit the basic knife forms.

©2015 Barry Smith - Brass bits for adornment of handles
The knives were then ground using a belt sander and belt finger sander. They were then polished on the jewellery grinding-polishing wheel. After a coat of oil on the timber they were ready to go.

©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of Ceremonial Knives
©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of Ceremonial Knives
©2015 Barry Smith - More traditional cake cutting Ceremonial Knife
The knives were delivered yesterday.

Today (Friday) was about: attending Kim S's book launch; starting some small pieces for Maleny Additions; and getting ready for a Christmas celebration with art friends - which means making an art present!!!!

This is my 1001 post - so on Sunday's post there will a giveaway connected to my Sunday post.


  1. Those knives are quite beautiful. I reckon you'll be making many more.

  2. Oh, yes, the knives are stunning, B! I agree with Jo, this project will be a winner and you'll be making more. I think I'd like one...

  3. The knives look fabulous. I just love reading about the variety of things you make.

  4. Hi JM, C and I - thanks for checking out the post and commenting. JM - many things to do and so little time!!! C&JM - they did turn out well - be interesting to see if they sell. I - I must say I'm never bored given the variety. All - go well. B


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