Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The colours of storms

Last week was a very unsettled time - weatherise that is. One of the advantages of living where we live is the ability to watch storms.

What has amazed us is the colour and intensity of these storms as you can see from the photos below - all taken with the old iPhone 5s - so some nice graininess to some of the photos.
©2015 Barry Smith - The dramatic light of a storm approaching the valley
©2015 Barry Smith - Last light being swamped by storm clouds
©2015 Barry Smith - Sheet lightning
©2015 Barry Smith - A lucky shot of a lightning strike
©2015 Barry Smith - A dramatic sunset colouring a huge storm 
©2015 Barry Smith - Coloured curtain of a rain storm
©2015 Barry Smith - Contrasts
I find I enjoy watching the storms but also get joy capturing and sharing the drama of them.


  1. Always your sky images make me want to paint :) Amazing storms!

  2. Fantastic clouds, as usual your photos are lovely.

  3. Excellent photos, B; the old 5s can still do it. Added to that, you're a very good photographer. The last three are quite gorgeous.

  4. Hi VA, P & C - your comments are most appreciated. VA - I can just imagine you capturing the sky colours in that panoramic form - be good to see that one day on your blog. P - I'm about to upgrade to an iPhone 6s - I'm told the camera in it is really good - so maybe my Wednesday photos will improve. C - your comment is generous - I think if one is involved in art generally it does help you look at the world a little more explicitly and that helps with capturing images. All - may we continue to share photos that open windows on each other's worlds and that inspire each of us. Go well. B


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