Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bits on the beach

Fiona and I went to the beach for a few days of rest - lots of walking, sleeping etc.

The walks on the beach always offered small fragments of nature and humans. Of course we could not resist stopping and capturing a few of the fragments - sometimes because of the shapes, sometimes the shadows, sometimes the layers and sometimes the way nature has carved the sand abound bits.

First a few photos of nature's contribution ….

©2015 Barry Smith - Heart in the sand
©2015 Barry Smith - Shadows of tiny crab sand spheres
©2015 Barry Smith - Wind blown but still getting down into the detail
©2015 Barry Smith - A single seed on the sand
©2015 Barry Smith - Seed cluster
©2015 Barry Smith - Coral and pumice layers
©2015 Barry Smith - Layer upon layer
©2015 Barry Smith - Mystery object!!!!
©2015 Barry Smith - Twas a coconut with hitchhikers
©2015 Barry Smith - See-through jellyfish
©2015 Barry Smith - Detail of sand through jellyfish
©2015 Barry Smith - Leaf installation
And human lost objects and detritus ...

The time away was refreshing - sometimes it is just good to be away from home where there is always something to do even if it is enjoyable.


  1. you've been so busy, a beach trip seems just right. love the photo of fiona photographing.

  2. Nice to see you had a break. The human detritus is a worry, I always come back from our walks with rubbish for the bin.

  3. Beautiful photos, Barry, and I especially like the transparent jellyfish. Your camera did well! So pleased that you and Fiona had a break, you'll be able to go into this next busy period with renewed energy.

  4. Hi V, P & C - thanks for checking out the post and leaving a comment - much appreciated. V - the break was great - I had to share the Fiona photo - so typical of us walking - I'm sure she has shots of me like that. P - you are so good to collect the rubbish. C - whilst there were quite a few jellyfish I had to wait until a wave gave a few a wash - loved the transparency. All - go well. B


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