Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blossoms on the block

Sometimes the best walks you can have are on one's own block. Our block is about 1.25 acres - so a little bit of room to ramble. I did just that on Monday and discovered some amazing little flowers around the house - not even any need to go down the back.

One of my favourites of course is a flower with a heavily laden bee - talk about head down and backside up.

©2015 Barry Smith - Bee at work
Whilst a number are ornamental.

©2015 Barry Smith - Mini white agapanthus

©2015 Barry Smith - Mini purple agapanthus

©2015 Barry Smith - Jasmine
©2015 Barry Smith - Rose
©2015 Barry Smith - Orchid about to burst forth
©2015 Barry Smith - White crucifix orchid
©2015 Barry Smith - Rhododendron  
Others are productive - herbs and other foods.

©2015 Barry Smith - Blue berry flowers
©2015 Barry Smith - Purple fruit from white blueberry flowers
©2015 Barry Smith - Comfrey flowers
©2015 Barry Smith - Potato flower
©2015 Barry Smith - Sage
One of my favourite herb flowers is the very, very small bouquets of flowers on the Yarrow.

©2015 Barry Smith - Yarrow 
Beauty in one's own backyard.


  1. While we are heading to fall and winter you have beautiful flowers in bloom... such stunning colors.

  2. Lovely collection of flowers.

  3. Hi D, C & P - apologies for late response to your visit and comments - doing a little catching up now. D - I always love to know that on difference sides of the globe we can share different seasonal beauty. C & P - nature offers the magic. All - may we continue to wander and soak in the colour and magic of nature. Peace. B


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