Friday, November 20, 2015

Decisions decisions ….

Over the last few weeks I have been making Steampunk influenced pendants and earrings ready for A Steampunk Christmas at st+baker+studio and gallery in Redcliffe opening 30 November.

I also want to have some pieces available for Fiona's and my open studio on Friday 4 Dec 5-7pm (drinks on Friday) and 10am-4pm on Saturday 5 Dec.

So over the weekend I will ask Fiona to help me make a few decisions about what will go to Redcliffe and what will be in 601mvr our studio-gallery at 601 Mountain View Road.

Photos following show the stash of pendants

©2015 Barry Smith  - Like stained glass windows - only different (biggest gear is about 45mm in diameter)
©2015 Barry Smith - Tray handle resin and gear pendants - some with black backing
©2015 Barry Smith - Rectangular watch case resin and gear pendants - with black backing
©2015 Barry Smith - Clear resin larger watch pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - Small watch body pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - Larger watch body and face pendants
©2015 Barry Smith - Larger mixed part pendants - all about 50mm in diameter or square
©2015 Barry Smith - More watch body pendants some with resin cover
And stash of earrings

©2015 Barry Smith - Watch body and parts earrings
©2015 Barry Smith - Earrings of the more dangly variety

 It was good to get these completed today. 


  1. Watch and clock parts are endlessly fascinating ... I love seeing them freed from the confines of a closed case!

  2. Hello. Your creative sense is graceful.
    Thanks for always visiting.

    Greetings from Japan. ruma

  3. Hi P, SM, LA and Ruma - thanks for checking out the post and leaving a comment - comments help nurture the creative spirit. P - yes I know you would love some of them SM - thanks. LA - freeing the clock parts and giving them a non time life is good. Ruma - love your comment regarding graceful - thanks. All - go well. B

  4. Amazing stash, B! You've obviously mastered the resin pouring... All looking great!

    1. Hi C - yes a lot of work in the end; and I think I have mastered the craft of resin - I like what it can do in some instances. Peace. B


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