Friday, November 13, 2015

Making stock

©2015 Barry Smith - Finger protectors take a beating in the grinding and polishing process
One of the reoccurring discussions in our house is about the amount of creative work given to trying new ideas and designs; and the amount given over to making stock for our shop and galleries - all part of the art life if one wants to not only make but also sell work.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making stock: new work but along an old theme (Artisan Lamps) for the December show-sale in the st+baker+studio gallery Redcliffe; Daily Word Leaves sets because I had run out of them; Peace Book Pendants - almost out of them; and more Steampunk influenced for show and sale in st+baker+studio gallery.

The making of small word leaves..

©2015 Barry Smith - All these tools are used in the leaf 'opening' process - lovely Japanese copper hammers
©2015 Barry Smith -Word leavers in the rough
©2015 Barry Smith - 49 beautiful 7cm long word leaves
A batch of bowls for Daily Word Leaves sets.

©2015 Barry Smith
Peace Book Pendant pages - cut drilled and polished.

©2015 Barry Smith
And selecting and polishing bits for Steampunk influenced jewellery.

©2015 Barry Smith - "found objects"
Though the work can be production it is still delightful to give the discarded metal and objects new life and new homes.


  1. These are so inspiring ... especially the small word pieces. I have to admit I am now eyeing some silver pieces that have been languishing in my cabinets for decades.

  2. A lovely selection of your treasures, Barry! I'm feeling a touch of tool envy...

  3. L & C - thanks for your comments. L - the silver pieces languishing in your cabinets sounds very promising - hope to see what you do with them. C - my tool stash has grown over the years - I surprise myself with my selection of hammers - and I try to exercise restraint. Go well. B


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