Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Gorgeous 'visitors' and other bits


Beautiful soft sunlight was a welcoming feature of the morning. This light combined so beautifully with dew on leaves and flowers - including the micro droplets on a very tiny flower on a small white kangaroo paw flower - above and below. A very refreshing morning for a walk.

But before sharing more droplet shots I thought I'd share another uplifting sight from this morning - a tiny brown honey eater enjoying a bath and a meal in the agapanthus. These little birds are very fast - flitting from spot to spot - I was fortunate to see it and even more fortunate to capture it on my iPhone. The first photo shows the honeyeater hidden amongst the agapanthus blossoms.

A few other visitors to the complex over the last couple of days - plover having a preen in a puddle after rain, a wallaby munching on fresh grass  and a crested pigeon going for a walk on the road.

A few more droplet encrusted blossoms

The grand old fig tree at the top of the hill soaking in sunlight.

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  1. looks like the wallaby is letting you get much closer these days ... G will love this shot!


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