Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inspired by fellow artists

Checking the studios and works in progress of friends and fellow artists often gives me another burst of creative energy. Fiona and I visited KimSchoenberger today - a talented assemblage sculptor and ceramicist - often combining the two sets of skills in her work.

 Kim has a very organised studio - photo shows her in working mode in her studio.

But also like many of us she populates her yard, house and garden with all manner of great works including series of ceramic poles.

And of course she is also a collector of useful and mainly rusty stuff - she has a number of stashes such as the one in this photo - but she is also very organised and tidy when it comes to her bank of rusty bits - I must take lessons on that at some stage.

She is in the thick of preparing for an exhibition that opens on 16 Dec at the Studio 4 Gallery - but also takes time to muse over pieces such as her wheels within wheels piece that is a work in progress.


  1. Thanks Barry to you and Fiona for visiting and posting about Kim! She is a fabulous artist, and I am going right now to visit her web page to see more! Rusty stuff, can't get enough!

  2. i love visiting others' studios...especially those who work in other media...such fun to see the iron or the clay or the stone. and the tools, oh the tools!

  3. OTL& V- yes good to peek into the studios of talented people - glad you enjoyed. B


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