Friday, February 10, 2012

Soft light and unfinished pieces

We are home after a great sojourn in NYC and Vermont US.  I awoke this morning at 5am to soft light in the valley below - quiet and calm; and then nature found its voice - the cacaphony of Kookaburra family chorus, the soft lowing of cattle and a mosaic of other bird calls.  Can there be such a thing as quiet noise?
Barry Smith © Soft morning light - 'our valley' (10/2/12)
Today has been spent catching up with people and our lives. Tomorrow the postponed Bunya Dreaming event is to take place - weather permitting; and art4place will coordinate and judge the ephemeral art 'competition'. So I caught up with a few folk to see that we were ready to go in the morning.

art4place is also progressing plans for a placemaking art event called Sunshine Coast Hinterland Creative Spaces to be held in Sept-Oct 2012. So planning and an application for funding has to continue to keep unfolding.

But there was time to have a coffee with Noela and Ken to share the highlights of the trip and to catch up on the art news of the town. Great to be welcomed home by the mountains and friends.

There was not time for hands on art today but I did photograph a few bowls I completed to rough stage but didn't photograph before we went away. As you can see below I took the challenge of the 8 leaf bowl up a notch and have foldformed a 12 leaf bowl. The bowl, including leaves, is about 150mm in diameter; and was made from an old copper plate.

Barry Smith © Twelve leaf bowl - in the rough
Barry Smith © Twelve leaf bowl - in the rough
I also beat these two EPNS small bowls (about 75mm in diameter). I love the fact that you can still see the sharp edges of the brass under the silver coating and the hammer marks in the silver-plate.

Barry Smith © Small sacred bowls.
I hope over the next couple of days I will get  time to complete these pieces - including giving them a polish. Whilst I was good to travel- it is great to be at home, to be calmed by the valley and have the chance to get into the studio-garage.


  1. it's going away that reminds us of how much home means to us... so happy you were welcomed back in so many different ways - and i will bet the pillows offered up their fair share! the 12 leaf bowl is almost mind blowing - as i sit and think through the steps, time and strength required... and the epns bowls are so raw... must they both be polished?! (couldn't help but to ask)...

  2. Welcome home....such a calming view to welcome each day!!! It occurs to me that beating the bowls into their lovely shape must be very meditative....something akin to the slowness of stitching....the repetition of the hammering must be somehow soothing....maybe I'm way off base though. Cheers! P.

  3. I felt like I had coffee with you guys this AM. Love the description of the birds and cows! Those bowls are so beautiful. I need to learn how to do that. So unique and actually calming to look at. Glad you had such a wonderful time and already back to working hard on the next project.

  4. Welcome home, Barry. That twelve-leaf bowl is downright spectacular!!! Wow - just wonderful.

  5. Hello, Barry.

     Lovely your works, full of JOY.

     I am enlightened by your splendid works.
     Thank you for showing your heartwarming world.

     The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  6. G'day and welcome back. Yes, there is such a thing as quiet noise... it greets me every day when the first light appears... much the same as you.

  7. Welcome home! It is always good to get back to the familiar after traveling.... and your lovely, peaceful photo as well as your apt description of your valley makes it sound like a wondrous place to call home...

    Gorgeous bowls, I see you have not skipped a creative beat since your sojourn...


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