Friday, April 19, 2013

Another day of finishing stuff; and last chance for giveaway

A fairly normal Friday really - community meeting that went for almost 3 hours, art and work on the block - the good life.

I have been having discussions with a local shop about whether they would carry some of my meditation-reflection bits - in this case Daily Words and small Leaf Incense Burners. I decided to make four of each to check my use of material and timing etc as I usually sell these items at a fairly low price in my online shop; and am not sure what I would get for them if I sold through the shop and yet tried to maintain a reasonable price level.

I thought I would simply share a few photos of my labours.

First a couple of shots of stamped words before grinding and polishing; and some cut down bits from goblets that I have drilled to make incense stick holders.

©2013 Barry Smith - Raw stamped metal and stamps 
©2013 Barry Smith - Raw stamped metal
©2013 Barry Smith - Incense holders in the raw
And then a few photos of the completed and polished pieces.

©2013 Barry Smith - Incense holders polished
©2013 Barry Smith - Small Leaf Incense Burners
©2013 Barry Smith - Small Leaf Incense Burners
©2013 Barry Smith - Bowls for Daily Words
©2013 Barry Smith - Bowls and words for Daily Words
And now I'm off to have a red wine; and a discussion with Fiona about if to sell and where to sell such work.

And don't forget the 600th post giveaway will be drawn on Sunday.


  1. I particularly love the little word pieces. I am mystified by the process of metal work, but intrigued. Thanks Barry.

  2. B, more Maleny magic! Those incense holders go from chunky bits of metal to glittering little works of art.

  3. I love the light and color that reflect those pieces polished, precious pictures!


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