Sunday, July 5, 2015


©2015 Barry Smith - Camelia on water with afternoon sunlight
The weekend has been taken up with: Fiona's mum and dad's move; visiting friends; the Celebration of Book in Maleny; and chasing the Brush Turkey who is attempting to build a huge mound out of out garden mulch.

©2015 Barry Smith - Helping Fiona and Judy set up the book swap tree
There was no time in the studio; but Brush Turkey surveillance was rewarded with beautiful sunlight on camellias on the terraces.

©2015 Barry Smith - Off-white camellia with afternoon sun 

©2015 Barry Smith - Camellia, water and rust
And during the week another beautiful soft moonset.

©2015 Barry Smith - The light of moonset 
©2015 Barry Smith - Another sunrise and moonset in the valley
There is always art to behold.

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  1. Your camellias are so beautiful, Barry, they really light up winter. We have a huge, very old tree that seems to flower for moths and makes a wonderful dark pink carpet in the garden.


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