Wednesday, June 9, 2021

A surprising morning after all


We woke in the dark and drizzle today with a strong wind blowing. I said to Fiona that a walk might not be on the agenda. I indicated I would re-evaluate after I had done my exercise routine. The photo above indicates what I would have missed; and the photos below below show my initial reason for pessimism.

But then the drizzle stopped and the dark gave way to grey morning light with many fragments of drizzle drenched blossoms.

A small star like succulent blossom - never seen one of these before.

And G's drizzle drenched orchids  - including a couple of new ones in the orchid house.

So it was a joyful and surprising morning after all. 


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. "drizzle drenched" has a lovely ring to it ... our recent yardwork efforts have included a bit of drizzle drenching ... unfortunately, high humidity + still air = tough going

  3. Even when your mornings are grey, your beautiful posts brighten mine. So enjoy them-thank you!

  4. Beautiful photos of flowers with rain drops. Tyrone


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