Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book stacks - back to nature

After the Sculpture on the Edge exhibition (June) I put the sculpture piece Quiet Transition out in the open in the garden area near the shed to see what happens over a period of time. I gave the piece the name Quiet Transition as I created it as an outdoor piece that would breakdown over time and return to the earth through a decaying process. Quiet Transitions is made from encyclopedias and world books that are glued together at the covers; and each stack has a 12mm steel rod through the centre bolted at the top and base through a piece of 16mm waterproof ply.

Well a comparison of the original photos of Quiet Transition in July with that of three months on shows there is quite a bit of action going on - swelling and twisting of the volumes. Nature is creating some interesting curves. The tension against the glue and steel rod must be fairly significant. I really like what is happening with this piece and hope to post on it in three to six month intervals.

Quiet Transition © Barry Smith

QT at 3 months © Barry Smith
Detail QT at 3 months © Barry Smith


  1. Interesting!
    I'm trying to resist this book stacking craze that is going on in your neck of the woods :-)

  2. qt as it ages will be so interesting. keep us posted!


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