Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tools for Trifold bowls

I have tried to create a few trifold bowls in the past and have had mixed success. The worn but energy filled bowl for Suzi worked but others haven't to my satisfaction. The issue was if I wanted to do the three folds in one rotation but could not get the bowl into the jaws of the vice without crushing the bowl.

Well you can see from the photo below I have been successful in creating a pretty good trifold bowl. This bowl started life as part of a lid of an old industrial container. So the transformation has been worth the effort.

Barry Smith © Trifold bowl

What made the difference is I made a new set of heavy steel jaws for the vice. These jaws extend out beyond the vice and so enable me to rotate the bowl and do each fold without crushing the bowl. So a good outcome which I hope will enable me to create more trifold bowl.


  1. Absolutely one of your best Barry - looks fabulous!

  2. ~it was suzis bowl you had sent to here that led me here...she shared with us the beautiful piece you had one like no other i had ever your patience you have created once again...a gorgeous symbolic piece...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Indeed the transformation has been worth the effort. Having seen your work face to face I appreciate what you do even more, Barry. I love my leaves and am looking for the perfect place to display them. They look wonderful on my oak table.

  4. Oh it is gorgeous! How wonderful it would be to be as ingenious as you and create tools to do the job!

  5. What a transformation! Really beautiful.

  6. having my own bowl from you I really appreciate your effort and success- you work so hard at your creativity- and I know you will enjoy eating all those bananas.

  7. F,N,FW, AP, C, C and D - chuffed that you liked the end result. It always gives me pleasure to take the ordinary and discarded and turn it into something new - and like all of us we have to continue to work at it. Thanks.Create well. B


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