Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leaf Litter that Glitters

Fiona asked me if I could make a leaf to send to a friend who was celebrating their birthday in the near future. Of course I said yes - but it is usually better to create several pieces at the same time to make best use of gas and getting the tools out etc.

Anyway the result was 5 leaves. It reminded me of a comment by Robyn about how a litter of leaves might look. So there you have it below - a small glittering litter of leaves. I might now aim to do a bigger litter of mixed metal!!!

I still find it harder to work the EPNS material - I tried dunking one heated leaf in water and another I just allowed to cool on an iron block. I think the slow cool enabled me to work the metal a little easier. I think the issue is that there is no real consistency in the brass plate that is silver plated - some is high quality and softer and some is poor and hard. It is easier to beat it rather than foldform it.

OH! And yes this was the leaf for our friend. I like the almost liquid edge created by polishing.


  1. These leaves are just beautiful! And that phrase, "a small glittering litter of leaves"....well, that's pretty magical! Thanks for sharing...what a lovely gift for a friend!

  2. Your leaves are really beautiful, and magical is the perfect word to describe the leaves and your phrase for them. I'm so hoping to get to Maleny in the next month to see your work, and Fiona's, and Noela's...

  3. I have leaf envy now. These are beautiful. Like all good art, I want to touch!

  4. N, MC & H - thanks for your comments. C - look forward to meeting you when yopu visit us. M - glad you kiled the description of the litter of leaves - has a nice ring to it. H - If find now that I seriously polish the edges of the leaves they end up being the sort of object you want to absent mindedly play with - like a found stone or tumbled glass on a beach. B


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