Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shrine for book lovers

I started the 'Shrine for Book Lovers' on Friday and have managed to do a little work on it on both Saturday and today - a reward for all the weeding, mowing and other maintenance Fiona and I have done on the block over the last couple of days. Though the weeding of the veggie patch did also reward us with a nice little crop of leeks and white onions.

I managed to do the book part of the shrine yesterday and photographed it as the sun went down - lovely sunset so the shrine has picked up the rich gold of the sun - also reflected on the quote feature of the piece (stamped on discolored silver plate).

Barry Smith © Sun on Shrine for Book Lovers
I have used a quote from Erasmus - Fiona and I were lucky to visit his 'home' in Brussels - so I felt there was a connection there. However, this also is one of Fiona's favorite book quotes: " When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." The quote  plate is set into the book and screwed in place.

Today I beat a long shallow rectangular tray out of plate cut from an old tray; and I made a small incense holder from a slice of a wringer handle.

Barry Smith © Beaten Silver Incense Tray
This last photo shows the shrine all together - on a stump in the back yard in the fading afternoon light - clouds - no sunset visible tonight when I was taking the shots. 
Barry Smith © Shrine for Book Lovers

The back plate of the shrine is an old recipe book (250X350mm); a shelf cut from stainless steel part of a BBQ; waste stainless steel cutouts; and silver plate from various household objects.


  1. I'm really enjoying looking over your shoulder at the intriguing shrines you are creating, Barry. Perhaps I need a shrine to blogging. It has opened up a whole new world to us all hasn't it?

  2. oh WOW!!! that is just GORGEOUS!!! love the stamped words on the metal plate ... what an amazing homage to books!

  3. L&R- thanks for comments - I enjoyed making this shrine.
    R-maybe my next one needs to be a shrine to the community of blogging? You are correct it has opened a whole new world - for me at least. B


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