Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Temporary public art

I was approached recently to submit an expression of interest in working with a recovery and recycling centre to design a piece of temporary public art. The art needed to be created from recycled material; have a focus on Christmas; be able to be constructed by unskilled volunteers and centre workers; cover a wall about 12X4m in size; and be ready for installation in 2-3 weeks. Given the focus on recycled material, volunteers and public art I agreed to submit an EOI. I was notified that I was successful and so the design process has begun.

Barry Smith © Waterlilies

I checked out the wall - bit of an odd shape but neutral colour and flat; and extends over a water feature that includes waterlilies.

Barry Smith © Corrugated Mountains
I checked out the recycling centre 'stock' and discovered they already had created a piece of art that reflected the mountains of the area. And of course had lots of other stuff with potential.
Barry Smith © Draft Design
After two design discussions with staff at the centre a rough design has been agreed; and will now be discussed with the authorities. The design incorporates the existing piece of work and uses recycled corrugated iron (very Australian) as the unifying material - it is also light, strong, plentiful and supports a simple design and quick execution of the project. The focus of the work is on the joy of children at Christmas; stars as a symbol of the festive season; the mountains to reflect the region; and a book with inspirational words to reflect the fact that it is a library wall. I will post on progress.


  1. ~sounds like a wonderful project to be apart of...i wish you well on this here adventure and look forward to seeing the final piece created...warm wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours~

  2. Congratulations....I'll look forward to see the progress as it unfolds. Should be an interesting project!

  3. this looks like a really interesting project, i like the concept of "public" and "corrugated iron" and wonder how this will end up.

  4. this is quite exciting. I do hope you will share it with us. How lovely to have art in public!


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