Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday and Friends

Today was not to be a day when I got down to the garage-studio. The day has been given over to family and friends.

Barry Smith © Hands for Friends

Fiona and I spent the afternoon getting things cleaned and sorted for a garage sale tomorrow - selling off some of a friend's furniture that has been stored in the shed but is surplus to requirements. The 'Friday friend day' started with a quiet coffee catch up with fellow artist and friends Noela and Ken; followed by a yarn with our neighbours in the mainstreet of our town; then onto a tea catchup with another friend; Noela dropped in to check out the garage sale preparations; as did E-A and C - though they brought a chilled bottle of white wine to ease the pain of preparing for the sale. So we are done, have had a wholesome risotto and now sitting quietly having a glass of sav-blanc - life can't be all bad. 

The only direct art thing was that I was able to buy some silver plated trays from a couple of our local op-shops when we were in town this morning. So there is more material for bowls, leaves etc. I think Sunday might become art day this week.


  1. A day away from the studio makes it even more enjoyable when you get back to it. Glad you found some silver trays to work with. There's nothing quite like finding and recycling bits and pieces in one's art is there. The joy of the hunt!

  2. Check out those amazingly symmetrical rainbow heart lines and life lines - now we know why she is such an organised lady!!

  3. AP - you are right - a bit of time away from the studion makes one a little more eager; and the hunt for the bits to create with is exciting - I had a broken square shaped tap assemble given to me yesterday and yet I was so excited by the possibilities.
    N- it is good to have 'she with the rainbow lifelines' in my life. B

  4. Sounds like you all had a very fine day of it indeed!
    A bit of balance is always a good thing and hope your sale goes well! Enjoy working with those new treasures!
    Best, Patti

  5. HHB - today we had a lot of folk hunting treasures but you are correct yesterday was a silver day for me - bowls and leaves in the making. Go well in the west. B


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