Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Creating quiet places

In my last post I indicated I am experimenting with the making of personal shrines. Personal shrines might be a way for people to create quiet or sacred places or spaces in their garden or house. I said Fiona and I have such a space in a corner of our house with views across our valley. The photos below show our quiet corner; and our words in the wooden bowl.

Barry Smith © Our daily words

We have been choosing our daily words for about 6 years now. As part of In the Stillness exhibition last year Fiona and I collaborated on works that combined my work with wood and metal with Fiona's calligraphic words.  
Barry Smith © Block of words

Barry Smith © Block, bowl, words
All our word and wood pieces (including the two above) have been sold so there is an interest in this idea of creating daily quiet times in quiet places. Maybe it is time for us to create more of these pieces.


  1. Definitely! Those pieces bring both your spirits together to create a way for others to share in that very simple, but powerful ritual. So wonderful you have that tradition and that you've carried on so long...carry on, as they say! Thanks to you both for the inspiration you give! Patti

  2. those are beautiful pieces ... and definitely worthy as shrines to celebrate life :)

  3. Hi Barry - I think you and Fiona are onto something here. There does seem to be an increased interest in meditation and relaxation practices and in general finding ways to simplify and soften the edges a bit - I guess the stresses of everyday life have not exactly gotten easier lately! I'm seeing a lot of offerings this season connected to quiet spaces - mandalas, pillows, sachets, bowls, mats, stones, and small devotional installations like yours. Lets hope this means we will all learn to slow down and find some inner peace!

  4. I have been really appreciating my meditation practice lately and I'd say this is a great way to incorporate it into day to day life. Nice teamwork!

  5. a wonderful tradition indeed! Your bowl, block and words are perfection..simple yet incredibly powerful.
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my pulp update. once the books are completed.. as in they have made the rounds to all five participants then they return to their original owners...beyond that there is not much of a plan...

  6. P,L,T2,CW& L - interesting to know that a few of us are thinking along the same and seeing a slightly different way to approach ordinary days. F and I shall contonue on this path.

    L-collaborations such as yours can be so uplifting - pity the end products can't be shared with others through a few small exhibitions.

    Go well. B

  7. ~thank you so for sharing a bit more of this ritual...a daily rythm that has become apart of your days...it really is a beautiful way to go about...honoring and savoring a word...to carry it with you and possibly helping to create peace instead of frustrations that may arise...each piece that you shared...once again unique and a blessings to the ones who now have such in their lives...i do think you two should pursue such pieces once again...beautiful minds you to have and share here with us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  8. FW - your welcome. Fiona and I have talked about making more wooden cubes and words. Go well. B


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