Friday, November 19, 2010

Simple leaf shrine

I think I need to stop saying that Fridays are full  - after all that is the essence of a our good life. Today apart from friends, life on the block jobs, a bit more progress on the shed - I did a hardware store run and bought some storage with metal draws to sort my assemblage bits that have been littering the floor; and I did manage to tidy the studio-garage and pack some of the bits away.

I found a few hours to work on another shrine. It wanted to keep this one simple - almost Zenish. I used recycled bits of rusted iron and copper. I wanted it to be a piece for the outdoors - something that can just hang on a nail on a tree, a post or side of a shed and mature with the weather.

As you can see I have created a leaf form with a shelf (riveted with copper rivets); and a copper leaf and bowl to be attached to the shelf once the cut edges re-rust.

I have now hung it outside for a couple of weeks to let the weather do its thing.


  1. ~so simply in design yet gorgeous...i can't wait to see how the weather will bless such a piece...there is something to be said about a bit of organization!!! just did that two weeks ago...stock piled some boxes to seeprate and organize my crafts...a world of a difference...wishing you and yours well and blessings be with you always~

  2. FW&OTL - thanks for the comments - will see how the rust grows. FW - must be the time of the year to do sorting and clearing the decks so we can create more. B

  3. Enjoying your shrines, Barry. Interesting to see your surroundings in the background too.


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