Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gone Bananas

Just had to share our banana story. We have been a bit excited by the fact that our little banana plantation (3 plants) has produced a bunch of bananas. We had covered the bunch and been watching it for months as the bunch matured and the bananas fattened. Every few weeks I'd wander down to check process. But imagine my surprise, no shock accompanied by choice expletives, when a rat jumped out of the bunch as I lifted the plastic cover for inspection today. I don't like rats - OK dead ones that haven't gone off are not too bad.

Anyway I digress. The short story is that Fiona and I have had to harvest the bunch of nicely formed fruit. We cut off the rat chewed fruit; and have hung the bunch in the garage. It now keeps the 'pumpkins in the hammock' company.  So we will see how the bunch ripens. By the way it was a very discerning rat as it knew the bunch was totally organic.


  1. ~i think i would have had a heart attack! look at that beautiful bountiful bundle of bananas...try say that 3 times fast...heheheh...oh my blessed you two husband would be thinking banana cream pie...pretty please! enjoy...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. FW - no heart attack but you would have thought I was competing in backwards jumping. Lol about bountiful bunundle of bananas. Yes we are really grateful for the goodness we have on the block. Go well. B


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