Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finding quiet personal places

Fiona and I have been tossing around ideas for our next exhibition. I think the focus of my work is going to be on objects that assist us to create personal quiet and/or reflective places whether they be in the garden, on a deck, in the corner of a room or on a mantle piece. Each morning before we go for our walk Fiona and I stand in one of the nooks in our house and while we drink a juice we choose a word for the day from a wooden bowl (words supplied by Fiona) and we look out over 'our' valley with its ever changing moods. My word for today was mindfulness; and Fiona's was creativity. So that nook is a personal quiet and reflective place we have created.

Today I decided to experiment with the creation of a small personal 'shrine' that could act as a focus for someone. As you can see from the photos the shrine has a crystal mounted in a knot hole; and it has a small bowl for an offering or incense and a small candle holder.

Barry Smith © Detail Shrine1

Barry Smith © Personal Shrine1

Barry Smith © Wording Shrine1
 The 'shrine' is 200X450mm; and can be used free standing on a mantle piece or hung on a tree or the wall of a shed. It is made out of a piece of timber given to me by a friend (lots of good character in the piece); decorative bits from an old cake stand surround the crystal from an old chandelier; and metal from another old tray. So lots of energy and history from past uses and the connection with food and life.


  1. ~what a glorious way to start your mornings together...if you don't mind i think i may borrow this and do such with my littles...sigh...this piece or should i say pieces are quite l♥vely alone and together...can't wait to see more...wishing you both a mindful creative day ahead...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. many things to love in this post. I love that you have a nook where you can look out over the valley and that you have the lovely ritual of selecting a daily word for reflection. What a beautiful way to start the day! And I love your idea for the personal shrines and the one you have posted. Making the pieces flexible enough to be free standing or mounted inside or outside in a garden or on a tree is just perfect! Can't wait to see these develop! Best to you both! Patti

  3. FW and P - thanks for your encouragement - you can see from my powst on 16/11 that your words engpouraged me to share a little more about our quiet space and morning ritual. Go well. b


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