Friday, April 10, 2015

A drift of leaves

©2015 Barry Smith - Section of A Drift of Leaves
I have been working on pieces for upcoming exhibitions. During the week I started on a fairly large stash of silver-plated EPNS and silver-plated copper leaves - all about 13cm-16cm long. Some of the leaves are destined for the Botanique Bazaar; but I wanted 21 to become part of a small installation I'm titling A Drift of Leaves for the Aspect Art Show in Goondiwindi.

The installation is meant to suggest a bunch of leaves that have been swirled and blown into a longish line by the wind. Of course my drift is very shiny; but the leaves are all unique and can vary in colour, patina, the amount of brass or slier showing etc.

The drift is shown below - on a rusty surface outside with bright afternoon sunlight; and on suede leather inside with light coming through the studio door.

©2015 Barry Smith - A Drift of Leaves on rust
©2015 Barry Smith - A slightly different arrangement on rust
©2015 Barry Smith - A Drift of Leaves on leather and low light
I have yet to work out the best way of positioning and presenting the installation; but I'm pretty happy with the leaves and the overall concept of the drift - got to love multiples.

Below are the excess leaves - about 27 in all - most have patterned surfaces - quite a lot of these will go to the Botanique Bazaar.

©2015 Barry Smith - Stash of extra leaves (shiny - reflecting my green work top)
A photo of the whole stash in the rough.

©2015 Barry Smith - Stash of leaf forms in the rough (about 48 in the stash)
And a reminder that using recycled materials can be a challenge as you can see from the photos below where the so called silver-plate simply peeled off the brass metal. Often one does not know how the metal will perform until one is well into the work.

©2015 Barry Smith - Silver-plate peeling off the base metal
©2015 Barry Smith - Silver-plate?
It is Friday - good feeling to have the leaves completed. Time for a wine or two.


  1. The drift is lovely Barry. How will you mount it...will it be against the rusty background that I find so appealing? Enjoy!

  2. Each and every installation set up is beautiful. Not going to be easy to choose.

  3. Love pics of the drift and the stash! Amazed to see the "silver plate" just falling off the base metal. I've been collecting some patinated silver plate lately (the blacker the better) and it's interesting to see differences in quality. If I buy a box of "silver" because I want one particular piece, I'm finding the regects are very interesting simply because of their lack of quality. However, my house is becoming more and more like a junk shop as I stack up all my finds...

  4. Hi J, S, S & C - thanks for checking out the drift of leaves - which has now been sent to Goondiwindi for the art show. J - the drift is designed to be scattered on a hall table top - shiny silver against a dark timber background. S - when I sent the drift and shower of starts installations off I sent them with black velvet and photos of how I would like them displayed - the art folk will do whatever appeals and that will be OK. C - I agree it is all a bit hit and miss - and sometimes the poorer looking pieces can work out best. When you get too much silver-plate in your house just send it my way!!!! All - go well; and peace. B


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