Sunday, April 26, 2015

Moon and Metal

The sky last night was extremely clear so it gave us a good view of the moon - well half a moon. I wanted to catch the edge where it goes from extremely bright to week darkness - the Canon Powershot did quite a good job in capturing the detail.

2015 Barry Smith - Half of an autumn moon

2015 Barry Smith - Half of an autumn moon
2015 Barry Smith - Edge of half of an autumn moon
The main art task for the weekend was making another couple of stashes of silver-plated leaves. I wanted a stash to take with me to a cheque presentation meeting on Wednesday evening; and lately leaves have been selling in the 601 mvr gallery shop, so I needed to make a stash for the gallery shop. I wanted the leaves for the Wednesday event as the local rotary club (Rotary of Maleny) are presenting art4place with a sizeable grant to assist with the installation of the Peace in the Trees sculptures; and I just wanted to give the Rotary members a token of thanks for their support of the community.

As you can see from the photos below I have been successful in creating both stashes.

2015 Barry Smith - Thank you leaves for the meeting (10cm-14cm in length) - various silver-plated metals
2015 Barry Smith - Thank you leaves for the meeting
2015 Barry Smith - Leaves for the 601 mvr gallery shop (15-18cm long)
2015 Barry Smith - Leaves for the shop cut from an ornate but worn silver-plated capper tray
A friend was telling me about a friend of hers who has advanced cancer and she wanted a gift for her - I offered to make a pendant with healing type words as a gift from me and her.

2015 Barry Smith - Front and back plates of the  healing and hope pendant
2015 Barry Smith - Healing and hope pendant
And of course when one is chopping, hammering and polishing metal there are always going to be a couple of add-ons - earring made from fractured leaves and the edge of a tray.

2015 Barry Smith - Swinging half leaf earrings - silver-plate - about 6-7cm long
2015 Barry Smith - Ribbed silver-plate earrings - about 5cm long
A good weekend's work.


  1. Your moon photos are spectacular! The thank you leaves and earrings are wonderful as your work always is. The shining star of the show this time is your beautiful Healing and Hope pendant. What an exquisite gesture of thoughtful kindness.

  2. What beautiful shots of the much detail. And your healing and hope pendant is stunning and the sentiment wonderful.

  3. Another truly beautiful pendant, B! The leaves are sumptuous and the moon is stunning! Wonderful photos.

  4. AA, D & C - I can't believe just how bad I have been in responding to and recognising bthe generosity of yourselves for checking out the post and leaving your supportive comments - thank you. AA, D and C - are we not lucky as artists to have the gift to offer others a quiet healing gift? Peace and health. B


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