Sunday, April 12, 2015

More treasures from a tray

©2015 Barry Smith - A cuff bracket looking mysterious in the low light
I'm back on to making pieces from three larger flat silver-plated trays (family treasures) that I have been given to turn into more functional pieces. There is a birthday coming up so I was asked to fast-track a few things - maybe a bowl, a ladle and a bit of jewellery - to be picked up on Wednesday.

Anyway-  in conduction with the Drift of Leaves I had been working on  - I also started the pieces - and I managed to grab some time over the weekend to finish them

So from one solid good quality silver-plate over copper tray (about 45cm in diameter) I made the following.

A medium sized bowl - about 18cm in diameter and 4cm deep.

©2015 Barry Smith - Hammered decorative bowl
A collar that was made from the corners of the metal where I had cut the circle out for the bowl.

©2015 Barry Smith - Three piece collar necklace with double chain
©2015 Barry Smith - Three piece collar necklace with double chain
A cuff bracelet with turned up edges.

©2015 Barry Smith - Decorative silver-plate over copper cuff bracelet
©2015 Barry Smith - Decorative silver-plate over copper cuff bracelet - turned edges
A pair of swing earrings - the back of the bigger piece of metal also has the pattern.

©2015 Barry Smith - Simple rectangular swing earrings
And the small ladle - about 6cm in diameter with an anvil hammered and hardened brass wire handle.

©2015 Barry Smith - Smallish shallow ladle with riveted twisted brass handle
©2015 Barry Smith - Decorative bowl of ladle - silver-plate over copper
There are still a few bits of metal left over but that will be used down the track. The above stash is probably enough for Wednesday pick-up.


  1. A magician is what you are, B! Just beautiful gifts!

  2. It is one of the lovelies things to see how you transform mundane unused items into personal gifts of beauty, carryon family stories and memories. 'Tis a wonderful thing you do for people...

  3. What a clever idea. You have such talent, Barry. Your new creations are awesome. I especially love the cuff bracelet.

  4. C, F & GB - thanks for your ongoing interest and support and comments. C - not quite a magician but still able to produce a little magic. F - as you know there were some big smiles; and of course now more expectations - but good for the memories to live on. GB - a little like yourself GB - crating new from old collections. The cuff bracelet looked grand - beautiful tray in very good condition. All - go well. B


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