Friday, April 24, 2015

Art on the block

©2015 Barry Smith - Dappled light on tree lined terrace on the block
Art can take some unusual forms - including book stacks, book walls and book benches. In the garage-studio I have had a stash of: encyclopaedias (courtesy of the Local library and friends); and telephone books (courtesy of Ken M). As part of my current de-cluttering and reorganising of my work area I thought it was time to turn these stashes into functional artworks.

The encyclopaedias were to become a bench seat in a shady spot on one of the tree covered terraces.

©2015 Barry Smith - Enough encyclopaedias for a 5 stack bench seat
©2015 Barry Smith - Threaded rod cemented into the ground with water proof multiply to clamp the books - nuts need to be progressively tightened
©2015 Barry Smith - Completed bench seat  - I'll cut the rest of the rod off once I have finished tightening the nuts.
©2015 Barry Smith - Completed bench seat caught in afternoon sun
And the telephone books were destined to become a music seat as part of the decomposing organ installation between the mango trees.

©2015 Barry Smith - Rods and telephone books stacked ready for ply top.
©2015 Barry Smith - Top on - nuts to be tightened progressively - thread to be cut off.
©2015 Barry Smith - Ready to tinkle those keys?
Whilst I was making the many trips backwards and forwards carting materials and books I paused to check out the creativity of the small birds on our block - a now used nest in the very thorny native lime bush which has lost its leaves.

©2015 Barry Smith - Art by tiny birds - weaving exquisite hollow nests amongst the thorns
©2015 Barry Smith - Art by tiny birds - weaving exquisite hollow nests amongst the thorns
©2015 Barry Smith - Smart tiny birds use the thorns to keep the predators away
I often think that the changes Fiona and I have made on they block are just part of creating an ever evolving major land sculpture; or at least our own sculpture gallery-garden. Enough for a Friday I think - time for a relaxing red.


  1. Lovely to see what you are doing. full of pain killers and frustration here!

  2. Very tasteful. The organ is sad for me because I play the piano and my father was a terrific pipe organ player... but nothing lasts forever i know. Thank you for posting the photos.... I really love the nests. Sorry Barry but no artist beats nature... Im sure you would agree.

  3. A walk seen through your eyes is always a lovely excursion. Thank you!

  4. Barry....I love it that you are recycling old books into benches......great way to say this planet of ours.


  5. Only you could make old phone books look great, B! The block gets more and more interesting by the month. The limes are savage, aren't they, but wonderful protection for the small birds. Love seeing your garden in all its seasons!


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