Friday, April 17, 2015

Fungi (bowls) finished on Friday

©2015 Barry Smith - Backs of Fungi Form bowls
Today I got back to working on pieces for the Mt Cootha Botanique Bazaar exhibit-sale. On my list of things to make was 3 sets of small (about 5-6cm in diameter) Fungi Forms (bowls). These are a variation of the Starburst Bowl and are more true to the original inspiration which is the slightly conical shaped fungi that grows on logs in our area.

©2015 Barry Smith - The fungi inspiration for the bowls
I thought I would share a bit of the process; and the stakes and hammer I use to make these forms.

©2015 Barry Smith - Beginning to form the bowl on a rounded stake
©2015 Barry Smith - The Japanese style hammer used to raise the bowls 
©2015 Barry Smith - Slim conical stake used to hammer across the bowl form
And the outcome was good - lovely hammer makes on the back and texture on the front.

©2015 Barry Smith - Formed bowls on the annealing tray
©2015 Barry Smith - Nine bowls on rust - all ground and polished
©2015 Barry Smith - The bowls will be sold in sets of three
©2015 Barry Smith - A cluster of fungi forms with rust
Apart from a final polish the 3 sets are now ready for Mt Cootha. I'm now off to make a risotto and drink a couple of glasses of red - well it is Friday - art and wine - grand combo.


  1. These bowls are very beautiful, Barry, and so delicate, just like the ephemeral fungi. As you know I really love to see your process photos but I wish I was there watching over your shoulder. The more you show, the more I want to know!

    1. Hi C - one of these days you will visit long enough to check out the garage-studio and see how it is done!!! Thanks for checking the post out; and thanks for your comment. B


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