Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Riot of Camellias

©2015 Barry Smith - A carpet of Camellia petals
This post is mainly about mainly about the riot of Camellias on our block. Yes I did go for a walk along Treehaven Way - left home at the first blush of light in the valley in time to see the sun rising over the hills that border Treehaven Way.

©2015 Barry Smith - Soft valley light - I never tire of it
©2015 Barry Smith - Sun almost on the horizon
Though there were flowers and berries to photograph along the way I was so taken with the volume of Camellia colour on our block that I also walked our terraces and took a few photos of the Camellias. Going back about 7 years ago we planted about 50 Camellia bushes - at the time spindly things about 50cm high - today they are all about 2.5m tall - a big statement on the terraces.

©2015 Barry Smith - One of many Camellia bushes on the terraces
The colours vary from almost dark pink to almost white - laid out in gradations of colour from the rock river in the centre of the terraces.

It is amazing when suddenly what one plans actually comes to fruition - we love it and so do the birds and bees. All images captured with the iPhone of course.


  1. A lovely wander thru our garden B - thanks!

  2. Hi F & C - the camellia season offers such beauty and a good reminder to wander the terraces. Go well. B


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