Friday, April 3, 2015

Starburst bowls and funnel forms on Friday

Now that we are home from work-work in the south and birthday celebrations in the centre of Australia  we have reviewed our art plan sand set a few priorities for the next moth. I need to get work completed for the Goondiwindi art exhibition; the COMA exhibition; and the Botanic Bazaar at Mt Cootha.

©2015 Barry Smith - A stash of Starburst bowls.
Today was given over to completing one of my proposed works for Goondiwindi - an installation of Starburst bowls (21 in all) making us something like a metal shower of stars. Of course the process of annealing and hammering the metal leaves it looking a bit worn. Most of the Starburst bowls are being made from the bases off silver-plated EPNS and copper goblets (big and small).

©2015 Barry Smith - A batch of Starburst bowls on the anneal in pit
I have had a bit of a stash of bases off other objects; but these tend to be cone shaped with no closed top. I thought I would see how these worked out if I hammered them in the same fashion I do the Starburst bowls - two directions of hammering. The funnel pieces in the rough before polishing.

©2015 Barry Smith  - Funnel forms on the annealing pit
And of course the bits and pieces tend to come good with grinding and polishing.

©2015 Barry Smith - Funnel forms with rust
©2015 Barry Smith - A selection of Starburst bowls and rust
I'm pleased with the shower of star installation - love a good collection of multiples. The three big Starburst bowls are about b12cm in diameter; and the smallest is about 1.5cm in diameter.

©2015 Barry Smith - A shower or stars - 21 Starburst bowls
©2015 Barry Smith - Tail end of shower of stars
©2015 Barry Smith - A shower or stars - 21 Starburst bowls
So one of my Goondiwindi pieces is complete - apart from a final clean and polish. Now it is time for a Friday wine.


  1. Barry, this is breathtaking.! The in progress photos are wonderful as well. The only thing that could be better than reading your post, would be to see this in person. Thank you for this visual treat!

  2. These are just so beautiful, Barry! Of course, I loved them particularly in their unpolished state, but the grouping is really spectacular. Wishing you and Fiona a lovely Easter.

  3. Your shower of stars is truly beautiful, B. I, too, would love to see this for real. The funnel forms are beautiful and interesting.

  4. Stunning!! Your bowls are always beautifully crafted. The silver ones, in the sun, look like moving waves of quicksilver ... so enchanting and mesmerizing ...

  5. Hi AA, S, C and L - thanks for dropping in and checking out the Starburst bowl installation - loved your reaction and comments. AA - thanks - would be great to have you visit the mountain and the installation. S - thanks for your Easter wishes - a quiet and creative time for us. I know what you mean about the unpolished state - but most people like shiny!! C - maybe one day? The funnel forms are intriguing. Thanks L - it is always pleasing when the plan comes off!!! All - go well and peace at this time. B


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