Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pieces completed for the Botanique Bazaar

©2015 Barry Smith - A simple inspiration for "Botanique Bazaar" works
Over the weekend I finished and photographed all my pieces for the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens Botanique Bazaar - opening 19 May. Fiona and I often say that the art work does not finish when one completes the art piece - often "art work" includes many tasks - photography, making lists, pricing etc etc.

After photographing all the pieces (32 in all) I then made my draft list. As you can see from the partial screen shot below the list has a variety of columns and requires time.

I thought I might share a few of the pieces that will appear on my Botanique Bazaar table.

©2015 Barry Smith - Bending 4 with the optional wooden base that enables it to be installed inside.
©2015 Barry Smith - Freehand cutout slender leaf in solid recycled and hand rolled silver
©2015 Barry Smith - Tiny leaves with a bit of bling
©2015 Barry Smith - Putting those brass and silver cutouts to use
©2015 Barry Smith - A simple leaf pendant
©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of silver-plated copper leaves
©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of patinated copper leaves
©2015 Barry Smith - A trio of fungi forms
I still need to refine the list and put tags and prices on the pieces - but I'm well on the way. I will soon be able to move onto the 7 posts I have been commissioned to make.


  1. What a swag of glorious stuff! Your sale table will be very stylish and desirable, Barry!

  2. Hi C - I think it will offer a bit of variety; and hopefully will be a bit stylish and desirable as you say. Thanks. Go well. B


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