Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First light

©2015 Barry Smith - Deep purple and dew drops
My Wednesday posts on my walks are going to feature the fact that first light is coming later in the walks - so much so that the colour of flowers and plants will have a deepened morning colour such as the beautiful purple number above. I am leaving home as the first light brushes the valley; and into the walk along Treehaven Way the sun rises over the eastern hills.

©2015 Barry Smith - Lake clouds are again appearing in the valley
©2015 Barry Smith - Sun colours the sky
In the early light there is much soft colour to be enjoyed on Treehaven Way;

and on our block.

©2015 Barry Smith - Sun touches the Camelias 
©20-15 Barry Smith - Web and Camelias
©2015 Barry Smith - Confused Nectarine bush on the block
This morning the air was full of perfumes as the flowers welcomed the day; and the call of birds including the Magpie family at the end of Treehaven Way.

©2015 Barry Smith - A very wary Magpie
I know I'm going to find it hard getting up in the dark; but hopefully I will remind myself of the beauty the first light offers.


  1. How beautiful .... I expect to see many of these images appear when we all get to 'pink' in the Roy posts. Beautiful beautiful photos.

  2. I so enjoy your morning walks, Barry!

  3. Hi SB & C - always uplifting to have you visit and leave a comment - thanks. B


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